Thursday, April 10, 2014

I is for iPhone (and Indian Food)

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iPhone is the subject for today. I had a flip phone all the way up until October 2012, just a couple of weeks before I rescued Miss Kitty and her six kittens. In fact, I had that same phone for over 10 years, until I broke down and got an iPhone. One of the reasons I went ahead and got a smartphone at all is because I wound up in sort of a bad situation because I wrote something on paper, then forgot to bring it with me. If it had been on my phone (which it is now), I would not have had a problem.

Anyway, Miss Kitty had perfect timing, because I suddenly had reason to put my phone to use. I joined a daily photo group on Instagram, and started taking constant photos of the kitties and my dog. I've actually filled up my phone several times, even though I got the 32 GB. I'm definitely getting 64 GB or more next time! I had to buy an external hard drive for storing everything, and already have cloud storage as well, for redundancy.

I got the black phone, and my mother thought it was so great, that we got her a white one for her birthday. Since I can't take a video of my own phone, I'm giffing hers. Plus, we both have the same cute photo background of Lulu.
Please excuse my broken fingernail
I've also made this gif available on this Tumblr post

I also love #IndianFood:
Last year, my "I" post was "#Infinitely #Increasing #Imagination":


  1. The iPhone is great unless, of course, you leave it at home with all your messages to yourself. I've done that, too. As to pictures, I'm a picture-taking nut. I love snapping all those cute puppies and kitties, flower, insects. . .you name it. It's on my iPhone.

    1. Oh yes, the picture-taking can be addictive! :) Thanks for stopping by again!

  2. Well I'm still not up to getting an iphone, but my sisters all have them. I tend to keep a cell phone a very long time unless I break it somehow. It isn't the flip phone at least, but has a texting keyboard that slides out. I use my digital camera for taking all my pics. I can slip it in my pocket and before long I have 100 pics to download. I can take pics with my phone, but they aren't as good as my camera and I'm not sure if I can download them off my phone. Someday I'll probably get a smart phone.

    You were smart to get an external dive. I back up everything in at least three places. It all can't go out at one time. (I hope)


  3. What a cute background! I have a man candy for mine. lol I've still not ventured over to instagram. One day maybe :)