Wednesday, October 8, 2014

'Arrow' 2x23 'Unthinkable' Gif-Tweet-Cap: The Kitchen Sink of Characters Are Here!

"Unthinkable" wrapped up Season 2 of Arrow with almost every major character ever presented on the show so far, all in one place. So many things happened in such a short amount of time, that you had to watch it a couple of times just to take it all in. Here are some of the highlights, along with a few animated gifs and tweets. I've also made the gifs below available on the following Tumblr post.

First of all, Thea is still mad at the world, and papa Malcolm tries to win her over. Instead, she tries to shoot him dead, which makes him very happy. Oh goody, he can mold her into the sleazy, conniving, murderous daughter he always dreamed of!
Later, the newly cured Roy plots to leave town with Thea, but then she finds his arrows. Of course, all this good-guy lying to protect her drives her to go be bad with her dad. Luckily, Oliver gives Roy his own mask so that he doesn’t have to also be driven to a dark place (we all know how touchy superheroes can be).
Now that they have the cure, they begin making up cure-laced arrows for defeating Slade’s Mirakuru army with the help of Nyssa and her League of Assassins. The only problem is that Oliver/Arrow disagrees with his girlfriend’s girlfriend Nyssa about killing bad guys. Arrow wants to wipe the floor with them (without killing them), while Nyssa wants to wipe them out. Nyssa wins the first round when she takes out bitchface Izzy (loved her in Firefly, by the way).
When Laurel is abducted, Quentin suddenly changes his tune and agrees with Nyssa. But Oliver wins his war on killing when he enlists the help of Sara, Roy, Nyssa and her League to take on Slade’s minions in a tunnel with the cure. Even papa Quentin gets in on the action, saving Nyssa.
Meanwhile, Diggle and Lyla (who’s pregnant!) bring Deadshot to the party to help force Waller to hold off on her drone attack against Starling City. They are successful in stopping the city from being destroyed, which means the show can continue to exist. Although, it would probably survive the attack, because that city survives everything. It must have been created by cockroaches.
Earlier, Oliver had taken Felicity to the Queen mansion for the purpose of being truly cruel to all the shippers out there. While there, he told her that Slade took the wrong woman (Laurel) because… he loves Felicity!! It’s all a show, of course, because Oliver knew that the mansion was being surveilled by Slade. He had slipped the cure into her hand, basically telling her with his eyes that she was bait for Slade.
The trick worked, and Felicity is abducted. When he finally meets up with Slade face-to-face, Slade goes on about how he is going to kill everything Oliver loves, and yadda yadda yadda. Oliver points out that Slade, in his rage, is missing the danger right in front of him. At that, Felicity stabs Slade with the cure.
Unfortunately, the cure does not cure Slade of his irrational rage, and the epic showdown begins. But this is not just a big-scale fight between two strong men. This is two fights juxtaposed — the old and new — into a single, flowing battle. Back on the Amazo, years ago, Oliver opted to stab Slade in the eye with his arrow rather than cure him.
In the present, Oliver allows Slade to live, but sends him away to rot on Lian Yu in an underground A.R.G.U.S. chamber. Good riddance... even though he was a pretty awesome villain!
At the end of the episode, we get to see a short preview of both the present and the past. In the past, Oliver wakes after stabbing out Slade’s eye, and is led outside of a building (in Hong Kong?!), and introduced to Amanda Waller!
In the present, Sara decides to join back up with Nyssa and the League, handing over her leather jacket to Laurel (which “fits”). Just after that, papa Quentin succumbs to his earlier injuries, blood spurting out of his mouth. Uh-oh! Not Harry Dresden... er… Quentin!

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