Friday, March 27, 2015

'Grimm' 4x14 'Bad Luck' Gif-Tweet-Cap: Of Biests and Bunnies

Grimm gets "real" in episode "Bad Luck" when Juliette finally comes clean, and shows Nick that he may not know what he's getting himself into. The following gifs are also available on this Tumblr post.

We start off with Nick pulling his gun on Juliette as she shows him her Biesty side. The gun is really against Adalind. Once Juliette proves she's who she says she is, he puts it away and starts sulking about how it's all his fault. Then he leaves her alone to feel sorry for himself while she cries alone.
Then we meet a young man named Peter who sneaks out of his house to get it on with his girlfriend in the woods. That is, until he hears something and leaves to check it out. It's an accordion-wielding Wesen! The kid then turns into Peter Rabbit... literally, and hightails it toward home. The bad guy grabs him and cuts off his luckiest rabbit's foot. His screams draw out his mom, but she's too late, and he dies.
Nick goes right to work in the search for the killer, and decides to sleep on the couch when he gets home. Juliette is clearly upset that everything is different now, and that Henrietta said that she'll be like this forever. Nick can't believe it, so he gets Henrietta's address and pays her a visit.
Henrietta explains that Nick has only two options for dealing with Juliette: kill her or learn to live with her. She accepted him as a Grimm, after all. Then Henrietta shows Nick what Juliette will soon be able to do with him if he's not careful.
Later, Juliette reminisces of the time Nick asked her to marry him. Ah, how far they've come.
Turns out Wesen bunny feet will make Wesen couples pregnant, so the killing and stealing of their feet is a long-standing problem. Monroe and Rosalee help out by going to a Wesen fertility clinic and requesting a foot from a freshly killed bunny. My first reaction: NOOOO, it will make the bad guy kill faster!!
Monrosalee's help nearly ends in disaster when the bad guy steals the daughter from Peter's family and prepares to cut off her foot as quickly as possible. This guy killed her father too!
At least Monrosalee are able to gather info from the rabbit-foot-fertility sales clerk, and Nick and Hank find his location at the last minute. Unfortunately, he escapes, but the girl is able to remove her restraints. Bunny girl then takes her revenge on him for all the feet he stole... by stabbing his foot.
At the end of the episode, Nick does the right thing and tells Juliette that he's in it for the long haul, and will learn to accept her in her new Biestiette form, and they can live happily ever after. Then Juliette crushes his dreams by showing him what "forever" looks like. Give him a little time Juliette, sheesh! He didn't accept you overnight! Is being a Hexen-bitch required of all Biests?
Oh yeah, and Adalind is pregnant... AGAIN!!

Friday, March 20, 2015

'Grimm' 4x13 'Trial by Fire' Gif-Tweet-Cap: #BiestFight!

The "Trial by Fire" episode of Grimm was supposed to be all about the #BiestFight, but all we got was this lousy "devil." Actually, the phoenix-like Excandesco Wesen (appropriately named Damien) is pretty cool, and the #BiestFight, while short, has very high rewatch value. The following gifs are also available on this Tumblr post.

We start off with Deucalion from Teen Wolf (Damien, played by Gideon Emery) turns into a fire man inside a store while a couple of teens are making out. They break a window to escape, but the backdraft from the new opening leaves the two kids charred.
Meanwhile, Nick goes on about how the world is a better place without Hexenbiests while Biestiette knowingly smirks in outward agreement. All the while, a new nemesis for Nick may be in the process of being born.
The owner of the burned-out building acts surprised, and is supposedly upset to learn that a business started years ago by his grandfather is now gone -- along with two of his employees. But Hank and Nick learn that it may be an insurance play, and he had a problem with bankruptcy.
Meanwhile, Renard is on the search for Nick's mom, in a hope to find his kid before things get out of hand (although, the info goes straight to Adalind and the Royals, so we will probably be having a big Grimms vs Royals battle soon).

Wu finds that a similar fire took place at another  location, and one of Nick's early arrests as a Grimm -- before he knew much about the Wesen world -- comes back to haunt him. Orson, the Piggy Wesen cop he had arrested for murdering people who had murdered his own brothers is definitely not happy to see Nick, but he had been tracking the same fire-man before being arrested.
It has been 3 years, 27 days (he's been counting) since Orson's arrest, and a lot has happened. They let him out in order to help with the investigation, and he's miffed when he realizes that Hank and Renard know about Wesen (just imagine how he'd react to Renard's true form).
Nick's books aren't much help, as they basically say that nothing can be done to stop the fiery "devils." Orson deduces that he must have phosphorus inside him, which he uses to start fires.
They go to Rosalee for help with a chemical solution, while Monroe is gone (Orson and Monroe have a Bauerschwein piggy Wesen/Blutbad wolf Wesen feud involving lots of killing), but Monroe shows up and can't deal with it. Rosalee agrees to work with Orson in order to solve the murder, but they argue and Monroe leaves. Luckily, he returns after he screws his head back on straight.
The chemical solution is surprisingly normal -- consisting of substances regular people apply every day in regular creams. Sounds like something they could sell on Etsy once they use it to defeat the "Devil."
We soon find that the owner's son was behind the whole thing because he didn't want to be part of the whole family legacy. The killing of the two employees was an accident. But now devil-man is on a tear to eliminate everyone who knows anything about him.
He's set in motion a plan to kill the father and son, but Monroe and Rosalee bring along toy squirt guns containing their homemade Etsy product and they all shoot him with the goo as he's transforming into fire. This causes him to implode into little bits of charred meat, reminiscent of "concentrated Evil" in Time Bandits (best movie ever, in my opinion).
At the end, Adalind shows up at Juliette's doorstep, not knowing that Nick is a Grimm again, or that Juliette is a Biestiette. They have quite the epic witch-fight, causing Adalind to run off in terror. I was already LMAO at this point, and then we get a cherry on top in the next scene.
With the state of the house, Juliette has no choice but to finally break down and show Nick the new rotting-corpse-face hiding behind her skin. Nick looks as if he just puked in his mouth a little... and it's all quite hilarious.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

'Elementary' 3x16 'For All You Know' Gif-Tweet-Cap: Sherlock In Trouuuble!

"For All You Know” is the second episode of Elementary in a row to break away from the usual episodes by focusing almost exclusively on Sherlock as a character rather than the relationships or mystery. The following gifs are also available on this Tumblr post, and the Baker Street Podcast for the episode (which I co-host) will be posted below when available. You can also subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.
Watson is meeting her first client since setting up her new basement workplace, but all the client wants is for Joan to help her prove that someone "stole" the act of playing a few chords out of tune for a jingle. Thankfully, Sherlock inadvertently interrupts them while attempting to wake himself at the point of sleep in an attempt to more clearly see into his subconscious, a la Salvador Dalí.
Gregson calls in Sherlock for a meeting with a couple of cops from another district who don't seem to know what they're doing. Sherlock is frustrated until he realizes that he's being interrogated ratter than asked for advice. He's suspected in the murder Maria, a woman who had been killed in 2011, but whose body was recently found along with a note about the meeting written in Sherlock's handwriting.
Unfortunately, Sherlock has amnesia from that time, what with being strung out on drugs back then. He is immediately depressed, believing that he was fully capable of killing someone in his drug-induced paranoia and detachment from his true self. Watson, on the other hand, knows it's impossible for Sherlock to murder anyone, no matter what the circumstances.
The cops investigating the murder are stupid,  and decide to make things extremely difficult for Joan and Sherkock by warning suspects and the victim's family that Sherlock is the murderer. So, Sherlock visits with Oscar, his drug buddy from back then, to see if he remembers Maria. Oscar, who now sells "Pradda" handbags on the street, says that he doesn't remember her, or anything else that went on.
Joan learns that Maria used to volunteer at a soup kitchen, but before they can investigate,  Sherlock is badly beaten by two men. He adeptly steals one of the men's wallets during the beating, but it doesn't lead anywhere. The beating came about by more shoddy work by the other cops, although Sherlock, feeling responsible for Maria's death, offers up his hand to Maria's brother (one of the men who beat him) for additional torment. The brother decides to help rather than break Sherlock's hand.
Maria's brother offers up information about one of the first suspects,  who had been the press secretary for city Councilman Barclay. Barclay seems to be a dead-end as well, although he's suspiciously a big fan of Sherlock.
Bell calls in with a list of regulars from the soup kitchen,  and Sherlock recognizes Oscar's name immediately. He's furious to learn that Oscar lied about knowing Maria, and decides to break in his door and slam him against a wall.
Oscar shoots back with his own hatred and jealousy, claiming that Sherlock was the one who committed the murder. Joan is still convinced that Sherlock is innocent, despite Sherlock's surety that he is at least responsible for her dying, even if indirectly. Soon after,  Sherlock is arrested based on a new witness testimony.
Joan is convinced that Oscar is the new "witness," but he's clearly upset about the arrest,  believing that he will also be in trouble soon. He then leads Joan to a bloody shirt that he had stolen from Sherlock's home at that time, but it's not in Sherlock's size. Rather,  Sherlock recognizes the shirt right away from a photo in Barclay's office.
In addition, blood evidence shows that Barclay wore the shirt when he murdered another woman. Maria was cleaning the office when she had seen him changing, then stole the shirt when he dumped it and brought it to Sherlock. Sherlock simply forgot about the case because he was in a drug stupor, and Barclay ended up murdering Maria to keep her quiet.
Later, Sherlock offers to help Oscar get clean, since they had enabled each other into the lowest points of their lives. Oscar would rather continue wallowing in self-pity for the rest of his life. In his drug-fueled jealous stubbornness, he'd rather pull Sherkock back down to his level rathe than rise up to Sherlock's.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

'Elementary' 3x15 'When Your Number's Up' Gif-Tweet-Cap: What Are You Worth?

"When Your Number's Up" is a very unusual episode for Elementary in that we know the killer before Sherlock does: a creepy blond who is entirely obsessed with money. The following gifs are also available on this Tumblr post. You can also listen to the Baker Street Podcast (which I co-host) below, or subscribe to it on iTunes.

First things first: Joan is moving back to the Brownstone, and Sherlock is helping by enlisting a man named Luke to move her stuff. Luke doesn't speak. Watson protests, wanting to dump or donate all her stuff in order to escape who she is and the belief that she is responsible for what happened to Andrew. Luke doesn't care. He just moves her stuff.
Soon we meet Dana, our killer (although we don't know she's the killer quite yet). She seems nice enough, but she sure has a creepy smile, made creepier by asking for creepy things (cash only for gifts from her dead husband).
Then she gives a homeless man a nice meal. Awwww... and then she shoots him dead and leaves his body with a pile of money. Evil I say, EVILLLLLLLL!!!!
The money pouch contains a note with a formula for finding the worth of a person in money. The gross brain that came up with it belongs to a lawyer, but he had nothing to do with it.
Sherlock thinks about the case while banging a couple of sticks. Two sticks are better than one, but Sherlock commits the error of playing with his sticks in the basement so as not to wake Watson. Watson proves that she prefers the rude awakenings when she is unable to even get to sleep in the first place because of the lack of noise.
Meanwhile, Evil Lady Dana shows that she's colder than we could have imagined when she offs a guy she just slept with... and had been sleeping with, because she had been planning to kill him for awhile.
The two victims both had an insurance settlement coming from loved ones who were lost on the same crashed flight. The case becomes a bit confusing for Sherlock and Watson when they find that the settlement was originally going to be paid out based on the worth-of-a-person formula, but we're now going to pay a fixed sum.

With a fixed sum, people who are worth less would make more than under the other system, and rich people would make less. This suggests that a poorer person would be the culprit, forcing the airline to change their mind.

Meanwhile, Joan has been stewing after having found that Sherlock rented her old apartment. She is firmly convinced that Sherlock doesn't actually want her to move back anymore, but it's actually because he's concerned that Joan is trying to delete herself. He wants her to keep something of herself, and to think before jumping in with both feet.
Dana fakes being attacked to make a bigger splash. Sherlock seems suspicious, because the shoes of the supposed culprit shows that "he" has a limp, but he would have to jump a fence to get out of her yard. Also, she is the only person who was not attacked close-up and in a public space.
Once she shows herself as completely nuts by telling reporters that she deserves a bigger settlement because her husband's life was somehow worth more, even her sister knows that she did it, which puts her own life in danger.
Now it really makes no sense. What Dana does ensures that she will make less money. But then Sherlock's genius machine (otherwise known as his brain) kicks into gear, and he finds that Dana's husband was the man with the limp. Dana faked the attack, and her husband wasn't worth much after all. He was ill,  and had bought the gun she used to kill people in order to kill himself. Once Sherlock makes his deductions, the cops are sent to arrest Dana right before she kills her sister!
Dana had realized that a tiered payout would mean an investigation in which she would have mace less money. Sherlock explains to her that she will have a choice between a hole in the ground and a place with gym equipment when she goes to prison. It's all up to one thing:
Later, Watson invites Sherlock to the basement, then nails the door shut. She is taking ownership of it for work, and forcing use the external door so it is separate from the rest of the Brownstone. She owns it, baby!