Thursday, February 19, 2015

'Elementary' 3x13, 3x14 'Hemlock,' 'The Female of the Species' Gif-Tweet-Cap Twofer!

It's time for a two-part Elementary gif-tweet-pod-cap! It wasn't really a two-part episode, other than the continuation from the very end of the subplot of the first to the semi-conclusion of that subplot in the second, but hey... I just didn't have time last week. Now, I usually do five total animated gifs per recap, even when it's a two-parter, but there were so many gif-able moments that I did five each. Enjoy! The following gifs are also available on this Tumblr post.

In "Hemlock," we are immediately presented with a bored Sherlock. He's so bored, in fact, that he begins discussing old unsolved mysteries with not one, but two, women in bed. The podcast (which I co-host) for this episode is below. You can also subscribe to it on iTunes.

He finally finds something to do when a woman comes to him asking for his "P.I." services to find out whether Steven, her husband, is cheating. Lucky for Sherlock, Steven has also been missing for two days. Finally, a break from the boredom of the void from missing Kitty.
In searching for Steven, Sherlock and Joan find that he lost his job months ago, but has a secretary answering his phone at his old job. The secretary is one of my favorite characters of the episode because of her hilarious facial expressions. For example, in the following scene she gets puke-faced over being caught:

And in this scene, she becomes truly disgusted when Sherlock gives back a letter stained with Salvadoran Horchata (actually, Joan's narrow-eyed stare is pretty funny as well):
The Horchata leads them to Steven's new place of business: a debt collection service. That means he harassed people into paying their debts for a living. They also find evidence that he has been murdered, which means any of the thousands of people he harassed could be a murderer.
It turns out that he had decided to change his ways and forgive the debt, but was murdered before he could do so. This means that one of his employees at his new business was more likely to have killed him in order to make bank on the huge pile of debt they could collect.

Meanwhile, Andrew wants Joan to meet his papa, and she is not looking forward to it. Sherlock believes that Joan is making a mistake by staying in a traditional relationship, knowing she's much too quirky for that. Andrew's dad is very kind, but Joan comes off as nervous. After Joan finishes her lunch with Andrew and his dad, she decides that Sherlock is deserving of a good punch in retaliation for being so darned right all the time.
Then she wonders why in the hell Sherlock is forcing poor Clyde to paint. Turns out, Clyde enjoys art, and his paintings could probably fetch millions.
The employees have alibis, but there's another clue: Steven had initially focused on Owen, a debtor that lived farther away and owed less money than some of the others. One company had bought all the land within a five mile radius of Owen's home, and pushed for him to sell so they could develop the area. That company was represented by the company where Steven used to work.

It turns out that Coleman Brown, Steven's best buddy at his old company, could make a ton of cash if Owen sold his home, so he was the one who pushed Steven to buy the debt and go after Owen. When Steven decided to forgive the debt instead, they fought, and Coleman ended up killing him.
At the very end, we see that Joan is getting coffee with Andrew so she can break up with him. He accidentally takes a sip of her drink right before Joan does the deed and breaks it off... and then he begins choking to death from poison.
In "The Female of the Species," we can see that Andrew has died by the far-off look on Joan's face. The case has already been solved, and the culprit has been identified. It's the oh-so-bitch-faced Elana March, who is delighted that she ordered the murder of Joan's boyfriend just after she had broken up with him. It would be so nice if the evil Elana could spontaneously combust at that moment, but no luck: she's already in prison, so she gets to continue tormenting and attempting to kill Joan. The podcast for this episode is included below:

While Joan mopes, Sherlock enlists Bell to help with a new case concerning two pregnant zebras stolen from a zoo. They find that a purple truck was stolen and used to steal the zebras, and Sherlock somehow deduces that the truck contained a GPS collar that they track to a dump site which contains a receipt that then leads them to a horse veterinarian.
They finally find the zebras there, as well as the body of David Chang, a veterinarian who was forced to help the thief deliver the foals. Sherlock then finds a new clue leading to a feed store.
Meanwhile, Sherlock has been helping Joan mope by bringing her all of her meals. When Andrew's dad basically tells her that he doesn't hold her responsible... but holds her responsible for his son's death, she feels even more terrible. She gets some of her mojo back, however, when she pulls a reverse rude awakening. When Sherlock falls asleep at Joan's, Joan has the great pleasure of waking Sherlock.
She also helps the case along a bit when she hears one tiny clue: someone at the feed store said the thief had mentioned that he had been in a hailstorm. Joan knows of a place that matches that description, and Sherlock and Bell find one of the foals there. The catch is that the foal is of an extinct quagga rather than a zebra. The great care required in raising an extinct animal into existence means that the thief and murderer has to be an employee at the zoo.

Sherlock tricks the murderer into making himself known by focusing on someone who is definitely not the murderer, then watching to see who seems to have a great burden lifted. Unfortunately, the murderer escapes from his apartment while the cops are staking out the place. Sherlock kills two birds with one stone by doing his daily lunges/weird ballet, while at the same time demonstrating to Bell that there are creaks in the floorboards. The bad guy escaped through a hidden tunnel!
Since we didn't have a rude awakening in the last episode, they double up on them in this episode. Sherlock wakes Bell with a bell.
The rude awakening of Marcus Bell is for an invitation to breakfast and a movie. The movie is a comedy about the arrest of the douchebag who stole the zebras and killed the veterinarian. Sherlock tricked the dumb criminal by pretending to be a buyer for the second foal, then set up a sting operation, all while Marcus was sleeping.
At the end, Joan receives a letter detailing that Elana March had gotten in the way of her fun. The distinctive voice of Moriarty reads the letter, and we soon see that Elana has been properly offed in her cell. Good riddance! And hellllo Ms Creepy Moriarty. Oh, and now Joan wants to move back into the Brownstone.

Friday, February 13, 2015

'Grimm' 4x12 'Marechaussee' Gif-Tweet-Cap: The Biest Emerges

"Marechaussee" is the Hexenbiest episode of Grimm. It focuses mainly on Juliette and her new powers, with a little Manticore thrown in for good measure. The following gifs are also available on this Tumblr post.
We start out with a fake psychic ripping off a sweet but clueless woman who wants to speak with her dead husband. The "psychic" prepares for his performance by making a show of reaching out for his client's hands. He then turns into a wolf-man to prove... uh... that her husband is a wolf spirit? Or something...
Later, a monkey-faced scorpion (Manticore) breaks in and kills him. After speaking with the clueless woman, the gang believes that the "psychic" may have been violating the rules of the Wesen council.
Meanwhile, Juliette is meeting with Henrietta about her slight problem of biesting out all the time. Then, Biestiette plays a game of Hexen-dominoes with her new BFF (biest friend forever). Henrietta then draws Juliette's blood Biest-style (without a needle), and it begins swirling into a Technicolored nightmare.
Later, Biestiette realizes that she's got pretty good telekinesis skills while cooking, so she practices on a pepper mill. When Nick calls out to her, she ends up hitting herself in the head. We now know how to kill a Hexenbiest! Just sneak up on her when she's "reaching" for a knife, then startle her as it's flying through the air. Voilà!
Adalind has returned, and is in town to search for Diana, her baby. She knows that Nick's mom is caring for her, so Renard gives him a heads-up call, and Nick, in turn, gives Juliette a heads-up call while she's at work as a veterinarian (remember, she has a job!) Biestiette clearly shows her hexen-fury for the woman who turned her into a Hexenbiest, causing all the little pets at her clinic to freak out.
Turns out Juliette is one powerful Biest. Even Henrietta is freaked out when Juliette's blood boils over and digs its own hole to China. When Juliette freaks out about it, Henrietta is forced to slap her silly.
Then there's the matter of the killer Manticore. Monroe and Rosalee call the Wesen Council to ask about him, but they know the couple is friends with a Grimm, and want them to stay out of it. They have also added him to the Manticore's hit list.
When Nick hears that he's a target, he hurries home to protect Juliette, still not knowing what she has become. The Manticore decides to off Juliette, but as he goes in for the kill, Biestiette stops him at the last minute. She then proceeds to stab him with his own stinger. Nick looks dumbfounded when he finally makes it home, but Biestiette explains it with a simple, "He missed," and a sly smirk. Wow, she's hardcore Biest now!

Friday, February 6, 2015

'Grimm' 4x11 'Death Do Us Part' Gif-Tweet-Cap: Shocking!

The Grimm episode "Death Do Us Part" lightens the mood a bit after the last few weeks of intensity. In fact, it's a combo Ghost Hunters spoof, soap opera spoof, reminiscent of the similar spoof on Supernatural. The following gifs are also available on this Tumblr post.

We start off with the Ghost Seeker crew in a haunted house, and guaranteeing to keep filming. Ghost Seeker Raymond, who says "literally" literally in every sentence, tells the story of Stetson and Patty Donovan, who were burned alive in their bed. But then some sort of electric-eel man literally turns Raymond into a burned crisp. Maybe eel-man should be called set-too-high-toaster man?
Later, Nick comes home to find that Juliette is gone (she's still showing Renard her woge). She wants to know how to reverse it, but the only thing he can do is put her in contact with Henrietta, his mom's friend.

When she finally returns and they go to bed, she most likely blocks his romantic overtures (as she does later in the episode) and goes to sleep. Therefore, Nick decides to decapitate Juliette, but of course, it's just a nightmare.
When Juliette meets up with Renard to discuss her situation, some jerkface pulls into a spot right in front of her, almost hitting her as shes walking. Juliette is a little too angry at the guy. Sure, he's a douchebag, but that doesn't exactly mean he deserves to die horribly. Well, maybe. It is a TV show, after all. It's always fun to kill off the douchebags on TV.
Hank and Nick learn that the bodies of the couple were too damaged to identify, and the viewers will soon learn the truth. Meanwhile, a homeless man enters the house, goes to bed on the nasty old charred bed, and proceeds to hallucinate about a dancing couple. Then a few sparks literally fly.
So the truth is that it's a Wesen love triangle. Patty was having an affair with a guy named Theo, and Theo's wife Lily works as a waitress.

Back in normal land, Nick and Juliette think it will be fun to videophone with the honeymooners. Monroe and Rosalee nearly cut their honeymoon short at the slightest whiff if trouble back home... for a split second. Monroe is still willing to come home if he's needed, but Rosalee smartly turns off the webcam before anyone can change their minds.
In Wesen World, we soon find that Stetson is the homeless murderer, and he killed his wife and Theo in the bed. Nick's books say that he must pierce his ear and rub frog paste in it if he wants to fight eel-man without turning into toast. Really? That's definitely a new one!
So he does it, and they go find Stetson the homeless eel toaster back in the house. Nick fights him off, then Lily shoots him in the back to put an end to it once and for all. Set-too-high-toaster man then lets out a burst of energy as he dies. Bye weirdo!
At the of the episode, Juliette meets with Henrietta, but we have to wait to see what they talk about. Meanwhile, Regard's gunshot wounds begin bleeding again, but soon close up. He has no idea what's going on. Does this mean his mama is in danger, since she's the one who saved him?