Monday, June 30, 2014

'Teen Wolf' 4x1 'The Dark Moon' Gif-Tweet-Cap: Werecreatures Everywhere!

The following gifs are also available on this Tumblr post. "The Dark Moon" kicks off the Season 4 premiere of Teen Wolf, yay!
The episode starts with Lydia and Stiles together... in Mexico? They both seem to feel that they are in over their heads, but continue on anyway. They show some sort of card to gain access into a creepy guarded building, where they find... a dance club!
They are actually there to meet with the Calaveras boss-lady, Araya Calavera. In the Season 3 finale, she had sent her men to shoot Derek and force him to tell them where Kate is. Of course, Derek didn't even know Kate was alive until she showed up to abduct him a few minutes later.
In a flashback during the premiere, we learn that Scott found the Calaveras-imprinted bullets used to shoot Derek, so the gang took off for Mexico to go find him.

Lydia and Stiles find Araya at the back of the club, and offer her money to tell them where Derek is located. Meanwhile, Malia, Kira and Scott are all hiding out in the club by blending in.
Kira is a little... er... uncoordinated. That is, until Malia pulls her in for a little lesbian-infused dancing. As far as we know, both girls are straight, which means that showing their boobs bouncing together to the music is purely for the purpose of turning on guys and lesbians, since most of the viewership seems to skew straight female.
Araya refuses to accept the money-for-details offer, and orders her people to attack. Kira whips out some girly glow stick pink nunchucks so she can whip some ass. Malia and Scott prefer their fists.
Araya still manages to win the fight by gassing Scott and Kira with a little Wolfsbane. Then she forces Kira to torture Scott with electrocution until he realizes that Kate Argent is the culprit who took Derek. Who knew that pain makes Scott psychic? Turns out Araya already knew, and was just testing Scott to see what kind of werewolf he is... as in, one who has never killed an innocent or turned anyone.
Araya sends the team off with a guide -- Braeden -- to help them find Derek, who appears to be trapped underground in a coffin, molting. While in the jeep, Scott explains how the Calaveras stole Kate's body, then left her with a knife so she could commit suicide rather than turn into a werewolf. Instead, she killed six of Araya's men and escaped. Just as Scott finishes the story, Stiles' jeep breaks down! Scott goes with Braeden on her motorcycle, while Stiles promises to fix his jeep and be along soon.
After Scott leaves, Malia finds a bone knife stuck somewhere under the hood, revealing that the jeep has been sabotaged -- oh, and someone is watching them. Malia bolts to go find out who's watching, and ends up getting badly scratched in the side. Fortunately, Stiles gets the jeep fixed before anymore mayhem can occur, and they take off. Along the way, we learn that Malia has a crush on Stiles (she also kissed him earlier to beef up her powers so she could listen in on Scott's torture), and Lydia seems more than a little jealous.
Scott and Braeden decide to take a stroll under a church where were-jaguars used to (and perhaps still) live. It's filled with cobwebs to make it look creepy, but they're actually proof of disuse. It's a big surprise, then, when they find that a nasty looking creature that looks like a literal butt-faced Predator is sneaking behind them. According to Malia, it smells like death (assuming she came in contact with the same, or a similar, creature). Maybe it just smells like shit.
The thing begins to make a run at them, so Scott does his biggest wolfy-roar, scaring "everything," as Braeden says, and part of the cave collapses on the creature.
Then, they find the seal of the jaguar god on the wall, which somehow means they've found Derek, so Scott punches through it. Derek is hiding out inside, but he's not what you'd expect: he's just a kid. Yep, Kate managed to turn him into a youngster, which is great for all the young teens watching, but not so great for us older folk (20 and up) who prefer the Hoechlin-look. Ah well, let's just hope he grows up quickly!