Friday, January 30, 2015

'Grimm' 4x10 'Tribunal': Kill Them Allll!!!

Last week's Grimm saw Monroe being held by the "Wesenazis," Juliette continuing to keep her knew Hexenbiestery a secret, and Wu finally being let in on the secret. The episode "Tribunal" continues all of those threads. The following gifs are also available on this Tumblr post.
The episode begins with a fake cult-tribunal, where the Wesenazis plan on deciding whether to cook Monroe while he's impaled on a large stick. One of the nut-balls "purifies" Monroe with a little skull-blood, while the others stand around chanting other stupid and insane things.
Meanwhile, the gang is planning on saving Monroe, but they dawdle for awhile, thinking its more important to prepare Wu for battle by having him watch Bud transform. Bud prematurely beavers all over his own face, while Wu freaks out... then requests for Bud to "do it again," like a parlor trick. He'd have a great time at the Wesen carnival!
So now Wu is ready to question the Wesenazi cop, who knows where Monroe is located. The douchebag cop turns into... a pig!! He's not a very cute piggie though... more the disgusting kind. Wu is ready, punching him without hesitation. It's pretty awesome. Wu, my hero!
Renard continues the beat-down, flinging pig-boy across the room like a little mousey. Oh captain, my captain!
They finally get their info by threatening to make and kill piggie-man's wife. But they have to hurry because Monroe already tried to escape, and ended up killing one of the Wesenazis. Now they want to kill him as soon as possible!
They also abduct Bud to act as a witness, causing viewers to have a collective heart attack, urging the gang to find them before they become a Wesen shish kebab.
They do arrive in the nick of time (after a slow Avengers group walk). The most surprising thing is seeing Juliette pull out a big gun. Most of the Wesenazi obey the cops, but as Nick puts it, some are "stupid."
Wu is confronted with his first life-or-death Wesen-moment, and shoots without hesitation. Nice one! Renard also gets a kill, but it's apparently too horrible to show on TV. It sounds disgusting, whatever it is.
Juliette gets her first kill, but not with her gun. In fact, she's quite useless with a gun, but not with mind-bullets.
The cute, foxy Rosalie turns vicious, attacking Monroe's foe with the largest teeth she can manage. Monroe joins in for a lovely couples-feeding-frenzy. Ah, love! ❤
With everyone safe, Monroe and Rosalee finally get to go on their honeymoon! The only plot left open now is Biestiette. She still has not told anyone her secret... except Renard!

Friday, January 23, 2015

'Grimm' 4x9 'Wesenrein' Gif-Tweet-Cap: The Most Evil Wesen Ever!

Grimm goes extremely dark and disturbing with the episode "Wesenrein." The last episode saw Juliette turning into a Hexenbiest, and Monroe getting kidnapped by Wesen Nazis. Lots of cool, scary stuff happens, but absolutely nothing is resolved. This episode is just a ramp to the climax episode. The following gifs are also available on this Tumblr post.
Well, one thing is resolved: Wu finally learns the full truth (except about the captain), but he's still in the early stages of coming to terms with it. In fact, Nick and Hank even take him to Aunt Marie's trailer! Wu is creeped out by the creepy trailer in the middle of the creepy woods, owned by a creepy coworker he no longer trusts, and even believes may kill him to keep him quiet.
Meanwhile, Juliette is still screaming about being a Hexenbiest. After trying to clear it up with aspirin, she gets a realllly bad headache, which manifests as broken glass everywhere. She can't seem to bring herself to tell anyone what is happening to her.
But what about Monroe? Rosalee finally realizes that Monroe has been taken, and sees that the cop who was supposed to be watching over the house (and way too obviously looks like a young Nazi) has been struck in the back of the head. She freaks out and calls Nick for help.
The only lead they have is Shaw, so they bring him in for "questioning." He won't say a word, so Nick slams his head into the desk. Shaw gets ready to retaliate, Wesen style, but sees the "infinite darkness" (as Monroe would put it) of his own soul in Nick's Grimm-eyes, and does the usual freak-out.
Rosalee goes to Nick and Juliette's for protection from the Wesenazis, but she's too worried about Monroe to be able to settle down. She keeps asking Juliette if she's received an update call. When she says she hasn't, and refuses to interrupt Nick in their search, Rosalee becomes furious. Juliette becomes furious that Rosalee is furious, so she goes all Biestiette on her, ripping out her throat.
Psych! It was all a bad Biestie nightmare. They are still BFFs (at least for now).
Meanwhile, Monroe is being held in Wesenazi purgatory, being mistreated by what appears to be a teenage Wesenazi, and chatting up Terry, a guy being held nearby. They soon come for Terry and drag him off. Monroe's wheels start turning, thinking of ways to escape, and he asks to use the bathroom. Monroe finally sees his chance after the little Wesenazi trips him. Go Monroe!!
Unfortunately, Monroe halts his escape once he sees his new BFF impaled on an enormous wooden spike. He's captured once again, and subjected to the very likely possibility that the same thing will happen to him. Dammit, Monroe!
The only lead the gang has on Monroe's location is the Wesenazi cop that had been "looking after" Monroe and Rosalee, who inadvertently leads them to a little rat-faced coward who gives them another tidbit of info, but time is running out! Nick and Hank, you'd better get there quick and save him already!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

'Elementary' 3x10 'Seed Money' Gif-Tweet-Cap: Potman's Necklace

Elementary gives viewers the beginning of a scary two part story at the end of the episode "Seed Money." Yeah, lots of other stuff happens, but it's all about that shocking ending... which I'll talk about at the end of this recap. The following gifs are available on this Tumblr post, and the Baker Street Podcast I cohost is below. You can also subscribe to it on iTunes.

First of all, Kitty is at one of her help group meetings, and she has only good things to say about her life since Sherlock. One thing to note, however, is that she discusses that the plan was to move on at some point, but she's enjoying her life in New York.

She also ends up taking a case from someone in the group who is looking for her missing teen. The girl has just learned that she is the product of a rape, so Kitty immediately assumes that the girl is just a selfish brat who has run off and will return when she feels better.
Meanwhile, Sherlock and Watson are called on a case of a dead 80-yr-old couple. Turns out they were killed inadvertently as part of another murder involving poisonous gas that wafted through their vents. The man, Clay Dubrovensky, was apparently killed by a drug cartel with a petroleum tie necklace that had been lit on fire. Watson has quite a reaction as she imagines in her mind what Sherlock is talking about: the dead man she just saw had his head set on fire!
Clay's ex-girlfriend, Courtney, details how Clay was a marihuana "artist," hired by the drug cartel SDS. Nobody is certain why the cartel would want to kill their own pot grower/artist/engineer.
#NoShirtSherlock is the hashtag for the next scene, as Sherlock hangs upside down, studying an upside-down Wall of Evidence in one of his odd attempts to think more efficiently about the case. No further comment is required.
Yay! Sherlock will never fall off the wagon, now that he can break into Watson's home anytime he wishes in order to wake her in creative ways. He gets his daily dose of entertainment, and she gets a smoothie. Plus, we all know how much she secretly enjoys the attention, based on the fact that she did not murder him.
Sherlock is there to show Watson some newly-found evidence, tying Clay to a Residence in a Russian community. He also wants to know why Watson has been acting as if she wants to tell him something. She does: she's closing her P.I. business to go work for... an insurance company?! At least she will have an outlet for the boring side of her brain, and assures Sherlock that it will not change the amount of work they do together for the department.
At Clay's residential pot-growing factory, all the plants are dying, which means that the cartel wouldn't have committed the murder. They must not even know that he's dead! But, Sherlock notices the rarest flower in the world, worth $250,000, just sitting there next to the pot. This stolen flower is his new focus... very close focus. Sherlock truly loves an extraordinary flower. Such a thing of beauty is worth very close study.
Sherlock and Watson soon find a listing Clay had created a black market listing for the rare orchid, as well as the buyer, Barbara Conway. Sherlock hates her right away, because she works for an agricultural company that is responsible for killing all those bees. Unfortunately, she has the flower in her possession, and insists that it was thrown in for free with a piece of furniture. And she has it!
Sherlock soon discovers that both flowers are clones of the original, and then there are two more "necklace" murders, with the bodies laid out at Barbara's company. She finally confessed to buying the flower, but says that it only made her want to hire Clay, not kill him. Then she goes on with a ridiculous story of negotiating to hire Clay from the cartel. Sherlock thinks it's hilarious, although he doesn't show it.
Later, Kitty finds the runaway because she shares a malformed thumb with her rapist father, and convinces her that she shouldn't be upset with her mom. Kitty is happy to help, but she's taken a bit off guard by spontaneous hugging. Eventually, however, she opens those fits to give Tess a little pat.
Sherlock finally tells Watson about how he is planning on telling Kitty that she is ready to move on to the next phase, and become his partner in crime-solving! Watson seems a little upset for a moment, then seems to be happy about it.
The cops find the guy who murdered the two people linked with the company by looking at surveillance for the person who bought special ropes that were used to bound them. But he insists he didn't kill Clay.

Nope, Watson gets lucky with a meeting with Clay's ex-girlfriend, who just happens to use special food for a flower that Clay gave to all his girlfriends. Barbara had given Sherlock and Watson some of that same food by accident, meaning that Barbara was seeing Clay. Yep, she killed him because he had started sleeping with his ex again. Yep. Sort of a dud of an episode.
Until... the very end, where we see that the man who hurt Kitty is in town, and has killed a woman and left her body as a calling card to let Sherlock know that he's there! This will lead to a two-part episode!