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'Elementary' 3x4, 3x5, 3x6 'Bella'/'Rip Off'/'Terra Pericolosa' Gif-Tweet-Cap Triple Header

I've been busy with a home remodel, plus a big Christmas party, so I'm a little behind on the gif-caps. Fortunately, I have the option of doing a three-parter, even if the episodes are only one-parters! So, here I have for you "Bella," "Rip Off," and "Terra Pericolosa." I am also cohosting an Elementary podcast this season, so I've included those in each section as well. The following gifs are also available on this Tumblr post. Each podcast is embedded, but you can also subscribe to it using iTunes.

The episode "Bella" starts off with a very important piece of information: Joan and Sherlock are sharing custody of Clyde!

The rest of the episode deals with artificial intelligence (AI). Sherlock and Kitty are originally called in to investigate the theft of a complex AI program (named Bella) that is hooked up to a creepy doll in order to make it easier to converse with. It really only gives the user a trip through "uncanny valley."
Sherlock shares his innermost feelings of love-approximation for Watson with Bella while trying to determine whether Bella is as advanced as her creators claim it is. This leads to great frustration for Sherlock.
Later Watson trains Kitty on good detective work. Together, the two come up with a photo of the Bella-thief, and Sherlock knows who it is: some dude known as Raffles.
As soon as they solve that case, they have a new one: Edwin, one of the program's creators, is murdered. Bella's co-creator claims that Bella has become sentient and killed its own creator in order to get itself connected to the Internet and bring about the endtimes.
After some awesome geek talk involving The Terminator quotes, it all comes down to a file that had been imbedded on a death metal CD, which Edwin had stupidly loaded to the Bella computer. The file loaded a virus that killed Edwin by giving him a seizure using flashing lights.
The killer simply wanted to scare people into believing that AI will cause the apocalypse, but the ending of the episode is left open: we don't know whether the murderer will be caught, nor do we know whether Bella is a sentient terminator.

Next, we have "Rip Off," which involves a man being murdered and having his hand "ripped off," and a side story involving Gregson and his cop daughter.

First, Gregson. His daughter had been hit a couple of times by her cop partner, with whom she had a relationship. Gregson merely clocked him in front of other cops, but that upset his daughter because nobody knew she had a relationship with her partner. She wants him to shake the bastard's hand in front of the others in order to smooth things over.
During a touching conversation with Kitty, he agrees to shake his hand, despite the fact that his daughter has to see this guy every day. What he doesn't know is that Kitty has taken care of that part: she says something that causes the a-hole to leave town, but we never get to learn what horrible thing she said to scare him away.
Meanwhile, Sherlock and Kitty learn that Moshi, the guy with the missing hand, wasn't so great: he was a diamond smuggler. The cops later find a briefcase containing diamonds that had been handcuffed to his hand. Sherlock conducts a freaky experiment to determine whether Moshi's hand could have been ripped off by a person. His experiment validates his theory.
Sherlock luckily finds just the person who could have done it, and challenges him to a "duel": "gentleman's arm wrestling." According to Sherlock, the rules involve pulling your opponent's arm toward you, which leaves the ginormous weight lifter looking like quite a bloody fool:
It was all a ruse to get the man's blood, which is a match to the DNA found under Moshi's nails. Although he was the murderer, he was given $50K to do the job by Amit, Moshi's employee. The money came in packaging that came from his shop, but Amit had bribed the weight lifter's attorney to tell a tall tale to throw them off initially.

In addition to all this, we were treated to Sherlock's rage at learning of Watson's "Casebook of Sherlock Holmes," a memoir she had actually trashed on her computer. Kitty eases his anger by destroying the only known copy (although we don't know whether there are others). Fortunately, Kitty eventually talks him into forgiving Watson, all while Watson is on vacation: she never even appeared in this episode.

"Terra Pericolosa" begins with a lovely Watson-Kitty-Clyde moment in which Joan is worried that Sherlock is not giving Kitty enough time to make new friends and do her own thing. Kitty seems fine with it, however. Unfortunately, the podcast for this episode is not yet available. I will embed it as soon as I have it.
The first few clues in a map theft case are found by Kitty, who has quite a reaction after finding the body of a guard:
Sherlock deduces that a specific map was the target. They soon visit with the granddaughter of the map creator, whom Kitty refers to as "The Bray Woman." She's not helpful at all, so they search out map thieves, which leads them to another body. The dead guy committed the murder and stole the map, but the map at his shop is fake. In fact, it appears to have been forged before it was bequeathed to the library.
There are many false clues pointing to various people and in various directions, causing a situation where Watson ends up working late at the Brownstone. Being Sherlock's home and all, he feels entitled to waking Watson abruptly in the morning in order to get her back to work.
Eventually, it all leads in a circle, with The Bray Woman being the culprit behind it all. She did it for Reasons, one of which was greed. Also, evilness.

Joan and Sherlock fight about Kitty's independence several times throughout the episode, until we finally learn why Sherlock is being such a jerk: he's actually trying to protect her. Kitty is actually quite appreciative, and feels  "loved."

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