Thursday, November 20, 2014

'Elementary' 3x2, 3x3 'The Five Orange Pipz'/'Just a Regular Irregular' Gif-Tweet-Cap Double Header

Life and home remodeling got in the way of my recap last week, so here's a two-episode-in-one-recap gif-tweet-cap. Wow, that's a lot of dashes! I am also cohost of the Baker Street Podcast this season, so you could call it a gif-tweet-pod-cap, what with the embedded podcasts for each episode. All the gifs are also available on this Tumblr post.

"The Five Orange Pipz" begins with Sherlock being snarky with Bell, then solving a case that Bell hadn't been able to solve (and which Sherlock found by rifling through Bell's desk). Consequently, Bell has trouble accepting Sherlock's presence. It's OK though... snark is their thing.

Next, we have murder and Pipz (those children's toy beads that pop together). One of the two murdered men is actually murdered while he's on the phone with Gregson, after having called the other murder victim whom the police are already studying!
Watson is immediately put in the case, and still seems annoyed that Sherlock wants to be involved with anything that she already feels she can handle herself. But he already knows what's going on... the dead guy was Openshaw, who sold Pipz knowing they contained a dangerous substance that metabolizes as GHB. The other dead guy was his attorney, Fordham.
Meanwhile, Sherlock sends Kitty off to take some photos, but she freaks out when Bell grabs her lightly to ensure she doesn't step on some evidence. Obviously, something very bad happened to her at some point.
After finding key piece of evidence that points to a new lead, she is very upset when Sherlock visits the new suspect with Joan, leaving Kitty out of it. This causes Kitty to have a mini-tantrum that involves listening to loud music while stabbing her shelves with a brush.
The new suspect, Gabe Coleman (Zak Orth, from "Revolution," a dearly missed sci-fi show), soon confesses to the crime because the Pipz killed his daughter. Sherlock believes he didn't do it, however, and he seems to confirm that he is only confessing because he wants his ex-wife to believe that he finally avenged his daughter's death.
The case takes a turn when the gang learns that a witness saw an assistant U.S. attorney running into one of the victims on the street. He's more than a little freaked out, thinking the cops are trying to entrap him, since a big-name attorney is involved.

The attorney, who had thought of the victim as her version of Bin Laden, makes a good case for not being the culprit (only a jerk). Enter FBI Agent Bowden, who had inserted himself into the case right before evidence in the case against the victim had been stolen. But why would he steal the evidence?

Kitty accidentally solves the case by barging in and grabbing the photo of the Pipz, although they haven't yet realized that the Pipz are the key.
Because he hasn't yet realized that he is about to solve the case, Sherlock does his version of becoming speechless over Kitty's actions.
Then Kitty makes a drug reference involving the popping of a few Pipz in order to take a nice nap, causing Sherlock to show his disgusted face for several seconds.
But this is the key they needed... the Pipz can be used as street drugs, so Agent Bowden stole the shipment of Pipz, then killed the two people who were causing the case to drag on in court. With the court proceedings finished, he could have at those Pipz.
Earlier, Sherlock had given a folder detailing what Kitty has been through. Joan attempts to return the folder to Kitty, but Kitty wants her to to read it so she can get a sense of who she is. Joan does so later that evening, over some fine wine.
"Just a Regular Irregular" opens with Kitty doing her best Sherlock impression: yelling "OPEN!!" at a door knock, and practicing the hitting of a dummy with her big stick. Watson is at the door, and she's wondering who on Earth is arguing with Sherlock in the other room.

It's Phil Simms, whom the viewers are apparently supposed to recognize as a football player, and they are arguing about some old circus murder involving a knife-thrower.  Apparently, Phil Simms is the best knife-thrower in the world (as himself). Not really, but it's fun to pretend, right?
Later, we see Harlan (remember "Solve for X," last season?) doing his shirtless math routine, and coming up with a big revelation, which leads him to a dead body.
Harlan says he and the dead guy were doing the same math puzzle hunt, which is supposed to lead to a big money prize. He knows some of the other people involved, which leads Sherlock and Harlan to their first suspect. She says she doesn't know the dead guy, but her dog treats prove otherwise. Sherlock takes a nibble of her rancid-cheese-flavored dog treats to prove that the woman they are questioning knows the victim, because the victim had crumbs of those nasty things in his pocket (which Sherlock had tasted, of course). She's innocent, but knows of a few more puzzle hunters.
Sherlock and Bell go off to speak with the most likely suspect, but he realllly doesn't want to talk. Sherlock then saves Bell from the man's ginormous bullet, finally resolving their issues from last season.
Turns out the psycho-math-gun-nerd was also on the puzzle hunt, but far enough behind the others that he was given a new clue, leading to a new death trap. Harlan gets to work solving the new puzzle, giving Kitty a front row seat to her first nerd-stripper show.
Finally, a man named Paul throws a nerd party, and tells Sherlock that a blogger named Mo Shellshocker is the killer. Seeing as how that is an anagram of Sherlock Holmes, Harlan is outed as the blogger. Everyone knows that he didn't do it though, so Sherlock discusses the case with Watson over Skype by sitting there, staring blankly at the screen while thinking.
Kitty once again solves the case indirectly by pointing out that Harlan is smarter than Sherlock gives him credit for, and points out some of the interesting things on his blog. Sherlock then has the revelation that it's Paul himself, who was searching for the owner of the blog. Harlan had shown how some lottery tickets could win 80% of the time using math, and Paul wanted to kill Harlan so he could keep hacking the lottery.
Meanwhile, Sherlock sees Joan's new apartment, and meets her new boyfriend. He is utterly unimpressed by the ordinary sights and sounds he encounters there.
We also learn that Kitty had been sexually abused, and Joan doesn't think Sherlock's use of her will be good for her in the long run. She insists that Kitty go to a support group. Kitty surprisingly agrees, and asks Joan for help. At the end of the episode, Joan is there for her, sitting right next to her at the meeting.

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