Thursday, March 24, 2016

'The 100' 3x08 'Terms and Conditions' Gif-Tweet-Cap: Will the Real Bellamy Please Stand Up?

What can I say? "Terms and Conditions," the eighth episode of Season 3 of The 100, is about as boring as this show gets. It's almost nothing but filler, until the end. Then some big S*** happens. Other than that, there are two main plots. Also, my podcast with Dahne will be embedded when available, and you can also subscribe on iTunes.

In the "City of Light" sideshow, Jasper helps Raven snap out of her loyalty to ALIE by mentioning Finn. This triggers an avalanche of emotional pain at the thought that she has lost all of her memories relating to emotional pain. Now, she's fully against ALIE rather than another ALIE zombie.
In the main plot, the Grounders come to tell Arkadia about the new barrier their setting up to stop them from killing anymore of their people, and how anyone who crosses it will be killed... like the people who used to belong to the bag of heads they throw down at Bellamy's feet. Pike doesn't want to make matters worse for the moment, but Bellamy decides to be even worse than Pike and kill the messengers without thinking about how, you know, they don't have enough ammunition to fight off a whole army at the moment.

Finn is also mentioned in the main plot, by Pike. He hinges Kane's failures on the idea that Kane "handed Finn over" to his death... except, that's not exactly how it happened. It's complicated. Still, Kane comes up with a brilliant plan of trickery against Pike, which Pike seems to thwart when Sinclair gets arrested while trying to sabotage a rover. But that was part of the plan!
The next part is Lincoln fake-beating the crap out of Sinclair:
And then Bellamy gets the surprise of his life when he realizes that it was all an act:
Pike sends everyone down to handle the prison break, leaving him vulnerable to Kane:
Kane gets the upper hand and drives Pike toward the gate, obviously planning to take Pike to the Grounders, as they wanted. Unfortunately, Bellamy is waiting at the gate, and Kane loves his surrogate son too much to run him over. Sooooo, Kane gets arrested and Pike sentences him to death, at which point Bellamy finally realizes that he doesn't like killing people willy-nilly after all. Oh, and by the way, if Kane dies, I will no longer be posting gif-tweet-caps.

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  1. Oh Help - I've had to scroll down really quickly so I didn't get any spoilers - over here in the UK we have only just got series three on TV so I'm making my way through it (Episode 6 is the last one I've watched). I came here via the A to Z Challenge and am hoping now you might be doing something with a Sci-Fi theme (but then again not everyone is as dorky as me!!) - I posted my Reveal last week and this year I am also working as a minion. Hope April goes well for you :) Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace a Stormy’s Sidekick minion