Thursday, March 3, 2016

'The 100' 3x06 'Bitter Harvest' Gif-Tweet-Cap: Blood Has Blood... Or Not

The insanity continues in Arkadia in episode "Bitter Harvest" of The 100. The following gifs can also be found on my Tumblr post. The podcast will be embedded once it's available, but you can also subscribe to it on iTunes.

Jaha wants Raven to steal some code from the Ark computers in order to upgrade Alie. She starts to question what Jaha is asking of her, but immediately agrees once Alie makes the request. The crazy pill really makes them entirely compliant to this hologram. The one good thing about it, however, is that Raven is no longer miserable. She actually smiles now.

Meanwhile, Pike wants to kill more Grounders in order to steal their land so he can plant some healthy veggies. Gillmer and Monty's mom are sent to check it out and are totally cool with killing a child in order to keep their presence secret. Of course, Bellamy only disagrees with this stupid idea for a couple of seconds, until Pike tells him that killing more Grounders is necessary. Worse still, Monty is involved with this whole mess. Whatever.
Fortunately, Octavia saves the kid (and gets stung with burning tree sap in the process), but he doesn't appreciate it. And then when she tries to warn the other Grounders of the impending attack, he doesn't pipe up until she gets kicked in the face.

Fortunately, the Grounders finally show what they're truly made of, with a sneaky and violent response. They capture Octavia, then plan a counter-attack. Unfortunately, Octavia is able to get free and warn the Sky Douches, and only two of them die, one of which is Monroe. Oh well, we don't really know these people anyway.
Octavia is captured again, and Pike suspects that Kane was involved in warning the Grounders (which he was, since Octavia is his awesome little spy).
By the way, Kane gives Abby a little kiss on the cheek for "hope" or some such thing. Still, it was cute.
In Polis, Mountain Man Emerson has been sent over by Roan, and is dumped out and offered up as proof and answer to the Mt. Weather massacre of Farm Station.
Clarke wants him to die for what he did, but Lexa and Titus both call her out on her hypocracy. Obviously, she's OK with killing those who wronged her and her people, but not when her people are the ones in the wrong.
Clarke has a separate little talk with Emerson, and he simply calls her out as well, because it's so obvious that she's being a hypocritical douche.

In the end, Clarke decides not to be a hypocrite, and allows Emerson to live. Both Lexa and Clarke wish him a very long and miserable life.
Back in Arkadia, Jaha is expanding his army of nutso-burgers. Jasper is all ready to erase his misery, when Abby comes along and takes the pill. It's the first time I've agreed with Jasper in a really long time. If anyone should be taking the crazy pill, it's him.
Jaha explains how the pill enters the brain and removes pain. Amazingly, Jackson is on the nut pill and helping Jaha out with false results. But then Jaha makes a critical mistake. When Abby asks to check it out first because, you know, Jaha wouldn't dream of letting his son Wells try some freaky pill without knowing how it works, he doesn't seem to even remember Wells in the first place!
This makes sense, since the loss of his son was Jaha's largest source of pain, but it also causes Abby to shut down his whole operation.
To tie everything together, Raven reports that the code is not in the computer, but Jaha realizes that it must be in Polaris, the 13th station, which had been shot out of the sky early on. We then see that Polaris is in Polis, where Murphy has been captured, and is being tortured in secret by Titus for information about the symbol on the pill given to him by Jaha. Also, the "ar" is missing from the ship name so that it appears to say "Polis."

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