Thursday, November 6, 2014

'Elementary' 3x1 'Enough Nemesis to Go Around' Gif-Tweet-Cap: Watson Shines

Elementary is back for its Season 3 premiere with "Enough Nemesis to Go Around." Gina Gershon guest stars as Elana March, proving that she can play a truly evil villain, while Joan proves that she is actually better off -- emotionally -- without Sherlock. Yes, it is all very female-centric, which is a nice change of pace. But of course, nothing within the main case can be solved until Sherlock arrives. I've made the following gifs available on this Tumblr post, and you can also check out my Baker Street Podcast review and "clue-cap" of the episode below, with host Zachary Hare:

The episode begins with a nice conversation between friends... or not. Despite their friendly posture, Joan and her "friend" are actually enjoying a nice meal over a dose of snide remarks from Elana and sarcastic wit from Joan. Elana is actually a drug cartel queenpin, whom Joan plans to put away with testimony from her sole witness, Karen Lloyd.
Meanwhile, Joan has many other cases that she is solving on her own. She seems happy and stable. She's even taking care of Clyde the turtle, who pays her back for the wonderful treatment by helping her to find a boyfriend. Yes, she helps a man searching for his brother's bearded dragon by using her knowledge of reptiles. And then they stroke his lizard together.
Later, Watson reassures Karen (the star witness against Elana) into leaving for the courthouse and getting on an elevator. A few seconds later, Karen and her escort, Det. Palmer, are dead in the elevator. There is no sign that anyone broke in or out.
Two months later, Watson still has no credible leads. She's at a dead-end, until she receives a tip from someone named Montcliffe Ekuban, a name Joan remembers from books Sherlock had her read by authors with those names. Naturally, she goes to the Brownstone to see if Sherlock is around. Sure enough, he's sitting in his empty home, looking ridiculous.
Later, Watson spots a young woman who had been following her for several days, and Watson out-single-sticks her. The poor thing never had a chance.
While searching for clues, Sherlock informs Watson that he had instructed Kitty (The Other Single Stick Woman) to follow Joan for the past week in order to find out whether she was wasting away without him (he was working for MI6 for the past either months, before being fired). He also brings out the arrogance in telling his dear Watson that he realized that he never needed her in the first place, and that Kitty is a fine replacement (even though he continuously begs Joan to work with him). He also asks Gregson for his old job back, but requires him to get permission from Joan, which she eventually gives.
Almost immediately after his arrival, and searching for a few clues, Sherlock solves the case. Elana hired a hit man to kill Karen and Palmer by sneaking a large magnet into the hotel room adjacent to the elevator, and using it to pull the murder bullets he had stashed in the other side of the elevator right through the victims. Sherlock demonstrates with a not-to-scale model of the elevator-death-trap.
The only problem is that they can't prove that the hit man did it, because the evidence is gone. Watson snarkily tells Elana what she knows anyway, over one of their drinks-and-murder-talk meetings. Elana is unfazed, giving Joan the evil eye as she informs her that she plans to kill her, without actually saying it in those words.
Soon after, however, Watson finds the final clues. The hit man had brought the magnet into the hotel in pieces, in his luggage. After the job was finished, he had no way to get the magnet back out, so he stashed it in the shower bench in his hotel room. Watson had noticed the new grout in the pictures she had taken of the room while searching for clues with Sherlock.
The hitman goes into witness protection so he can testify against Elana without being murdered, and Watson finally gets the satisfaction of watching Elana being taken away in handcuffs.
At the end, Kitty makes amends with Watson, asking her what to expect with Sherlock. Hopefully, the cat fight is over with!

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