Friday, November 7, 2014

'Grimm' Season 3 Finale/Season 4 Premiere/Second Part Gif-Tweet-Cap: Three In One!

I decided to combine three recaps in one this time, since I've been busy with life, remodeling, and work. This way, everyone gets a chance to have their tweets quoted, even if they stopped watching the show last year. So, here's the finale-premiere-second-part recap! I've made the following gifs available on this Tumblr post.

The Season 3 finale, "Blond Ambition," was wedding time for Monrosalee, but not until Rosalee's sister destroyed Rosalee's dress.
It's OK, Rosalee hated the dress anyway. It gave her a way to get a beautiful one.
Later, the royals made a deal with Adalind to let her see the baby they don't have in exchange for stealing Nick's powers by sleeping with him while wearing Juliette's face using a spell. Here is Nick's reaction to being raped-after-the-fact:
Meanwhile, the ex-FBI douchebag wanted Nick dead, and had no idea that he was busy going to a wedding, or that another Grimm was staying at the house. Renard figured it all out, but got nearly shot to death while trying to give Nick the cure. He was able to convey the info to Trubel before being shot, so Trubel cut off the FBI-Wesen's head with a machete, and brought the cure to Nick.
Unfortunately, Trubel didn't realize that Nick was being very careful to not be exposed as a Grimm at the Wesen wedding, and Monrosalee's family and friends came after her when she walked in, knocking the cure out of her hands. At least Nick was safe from them, what with losing his Grimm powers and all.
For the Season 4 premiere, "Thanks for the Memories," we were introduced to an octopus-head Wesen, who stole memories and left his victims with none. His first victim looked terrified:
Meanwhile, Nick forced Trubel to tell the authorities the truth of how she decapitated the ex-FBI douche, leaving out the Wesen part. The truth set her free, because they could verify everything she said, and it was self defense.
The house was still a bloody mess, however, so Juliette and Nick had to clean it all up. Now, Nick is not my favorite character, but somehow seeing him cleaning on all fours was pretty hot:
At the end of the premiere, Renard died... NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
Whew! Renard was saved in the second part, "Octopus Head," by his mother (who somehow looks younger than him... how is it that Hexenbiests always have the best looking human faces, while they have the ugliest Wesen faces?). She used her handy double-sided Hexen-snake.
Later, Trubel ignored Nick's orders to wait for help, and followed the Octo-Man on her own. Of course, he captured her and tied her hands behind her back while working on his next victim. She beat him up anyway, saving the victim.
He got the upper hand again, but stealing Trubel's memories did not go the way he expected it to go. Her memories drove him mad, and she got to keep her memories. She still got a pretty bad headache though, probably because he did the same thing to her as he did to his first victim:
So, yay! Everything was fine... except that the very end of the episode saw Nick writhing in pain as he switched brains with Adalind (who was imprisoned by the royals because she somehow thought that her baby was being well cared for in a dark dungeon), and Trubel being abducted by the royals.

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