Friday, March 27, 2015

'Grimm' 4x14 'Bad Luck' Gif-Tweet-Cap: Of Biests and Bunnies

Grimm gets "real" in episode "Bad Luck" when Juliette finally comes clean, and shows Nick that he may not know what he's getting himself into. The following gifs are also available on this Tumblr post.

We start off with Nick pulling his gun on Juliette as she shows him her Biesty side. The gun is really against Adalind. Once Juliette proves she's who she says she is, he puts it away and starts sulking about how it's all his fault. Then he leaves her alone to feel sorry for himself while she cries alone.
Then we meet a young man named Peter who sneaks out of his house to get it on with his girlfriend in the woods. That is, until he hears something and leaves to check it out. It's an accordion-wielding Wesen! The kid then turns into Peter Rabbit... literally, and hightails it toward home. The bad guy grabs him and cuts off his luckiest rabbit's foot. His screams draw out his mom, but she's too late, and he dies.
Nick goes right to work in the search for the killer, and decides to sleep on the couch when he gets home. Juliette is clearly upset that everything is different now, and that Henrietta said that she'll be like this forever. Nick can't believe it, so he gets Henrietta's address and pays her a visit.
Henrietta explains that Nick has only two options for dealing with Juliette: kill her or learn to live with her. She accepted him as a Grimm, after all. Then Henrietta shows Nick what Juliette will soon be able to do with him if he's not careful.
Later, Juliette reminisces of the time Nick asked her to marry him. Ah, how far they've come.
Turns out Wesen bunny feet will make Wesen couples pregnant, so the killing and stealing of their feet is a long-standing problem. Monroe and Rosalee help out by going to a Wesen fertility clinic and requesting a foot from a freshly killed bunny. My first reaction: NOOOO, it will make the bad guy kill faster!!
Monrosalee's help nearly ends in disaster when the bad guy steals the daughter from Peter's family and prepares to cut off her foot as quickly as possible. This guy killed her father too!
At least Monrosalee are able to gather info from the rabbit-foot-fertility sales clerk, and Nick and Hank find his location at the last minute. Unfortunately, he escapes, but the girl is able to remove her restraints. Bunny girl then takes her revenge on him for all the feet he stole... by stabbing his foot.
At the end of the episode, Nick does the right thing and tells Juliette that he's in it for the long haul, and will learn to accept her in her new Biestiette form, and they can live happily ever after. Then Juliette crushes his dreams by showing him what "forever" looks like. Give him a little time Juliette, sheesh! He didn't accept you overnight! Is being a Hexen-bitch required of all Biests?
Oh yeah, and Adalind is pregnant... AGAIN!!

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