Thursday, March 12, 2015

'Elementary' 3x16 'For All You Know' Gif-Tweet-Cap: Sherlock In Trouuuble!

"For All You Know” is the second episode of Elementary in a row to break away from the usual episodes by focusing almost exclusively on Sherlock as a character rather than the relationships or mystery. The following gifs are also available on this Tumblr post, and the Baker Street Podcast for the episode (which I co-host) will be posted below when available. You can also subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.
Watson is meeting her first client since setting up her new basement workplace, but all the client wants is for Joan to help her prove that someone "stole" the act of playing a few chords out of tune for a jingle. Thankfully, Sherlock inadvertently interrupts them while attempting to wake himself at the point of sleep in an attempt to more clearly see into his subconscious, a la Salvador DalΓ­.
Gregson calls in Sherlock for a meeting with a couple of cops from another district who don't seem to know what they're doing. Sherlock is frustrated until he realizes that he's being interrogated ratter than asked for advice. He's suspected in the murder Maria, a woman who had been killed in 2011, but whose body was recently found along with a note about the meeting written in Sherlock's handwriting.
Unfortunately, Sherlock has amnesia from that time, what with being strung out on drugs back then. He is immediately depressed, believing that he was fully capable of killing someone in his drug-induced paranoia and detachment from his true self. Watson, on the other hand, knows it's impossible for Sherlock to murder anyone, no matter what the circumstances.
The cops investigating the murder are stupid,  and decide to make things extremely difficult for Joan and Sherkock by warning suspects and the victim's family that Sherlock is the murderer. So, Sherlock visits with Oscar, his drug buddy from back then, to see if he remembers Maria. Oscar, who now sells "Pradda" handbags on the street, says that he doesn't remember her, or anything else that went on.
Joan learns that Maria used to volunteer at a soup kitchen, but before they can investigate,  Sherlock is badly beaten by two men. He adeptly steals one of the men's wallets during the beating, but it doesn't lead anywhere. The beating came about by more shoddy work by the other cops, although Sherlock, feeling responsible for Maria's death, offers up his hand to Maria's brother (one of the men who beat him) for additional torment. The brother decides to help rather than break Sherlock's hand.
Maria's brother offers up information about one of the first suspects,  who had been the press secretary for city Councilman Barclay. Barclay seems to be a dead-end as well, although he's suspiciously a big fan of Sherlock.
Bell calls in with a list of regulars from the soup kitchen,  and Sherlock recognizes Oscar's name immediately. He's furious to learn that Oscar lied about knowing Maria, and decides to break in his door and slam him against a wall.
Oscar shoots back with his own hatred and jealousy, claiming that Sherlock was the one who committed the murder. Joan is still convinced that Sherlock is innocent, despite Sherlock's surety that he is at least responsible for her dying, even if indirectly. Soon after,  Sherlock is arrested based on a new witness testimony.
Joan is convinced that Oscar is the new "witness," but he's clearly upset about the arrest,  believing that he will also be in trouble soon. He then leads Joan to a bloody shirt that he had stolen from Sherlock's home at that time, but it's not in Sherlock's size. Rather,  Sherlock recognizes the shirt right away from a photo in Barclay's office.
In addition, blood evidence shows that Barclay wore the shirt when he murdered another woman. Maria was cleaning the office when she had seen him changing, then stole the shirt when he dumped it and brought it to Sherlock. Sherlock simply forgot about the case because he was in a drug stupor, and Barclay ended up murdering Maria to keep her quiet.
Later, Sherlock offers to help Oscar get clean, since they had enabled each other into the lowest points of their lives. Oscar would rather continue wallowing in self-pity for the rest of his life. In his drug-fueled jealous stubbornness, he'd rather pull Sherkock back down to his level rathe than rise up to Sherlock's.

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