Thursday, March 5, 2015

'Elementary' 3x15 'When Your Number's Up' Gif-Tweet-Cap: What Are You Worth?

"When Your Number's Up" is a very unusual episode for Elementary in that we know the killer before Sherlock does: a creepy blond who is entirely obsessed with money. The following gifs are also available on this Tumblr post. You can also listen to the Baker Street Podcast (which I co-host) below, or subscribe to it on iTunes.

First things first: Joan is moving back to the Brownstone, and Sherlock is helping by enlisting a man named Luke to move her stuff. Luke doesn't speak. Watson protests, wanting to dump or donate all her stuff in order to escape who she is and the belief that she is responsible for what happened to Andrew. Luke doesn't care. He just moves her stuff.
Soon we meet Dana, our killer (although we don't know she's the killer quite yet). She seems nice enough, but she sure has a creepy smile, made creepier by asking for creepy things (cash only for gifts from her dead husband).
Then she gives a homeless man a nice meal. Awwww... and then she shoots him dead and leaves his body with a pile of money. Evil I say, EVILLLLLLLL!!!!
The money pouch contains a note with a formula for finding the worth of a person in money. The gross brain that came up with it belongs to a lawyer, but he had nothing to do with it.
Sherlock thinks about the case while banging a couple of sticks. Two sticks are better than one, but Sherlock commits the error of playing with his sticks in the basement so as not to wake Watson. Watson proves that she prefers the rude awakenings when she is unable to even get to sleep in the first place because of the lack of noise.
Meanwhile, Evil Lady Dana shows that she's colder than we could have imagined when she offs a guy she just slept with... and had been sleeping with, because she had been planning to kill him for awhile.
The two victims both had an insurance settlement coming from loved ones who were lost on the same crashed flight. The case becomes a bit confusing for Sherlock and Watson when they find that the settlement was originally going to be paid out based on the worth-of-a-person formula, but we're now going to pay a fixed sum.

With a fixed sum, people who are worth less would make more than under the other system, and rich people would make less. This suggests that a poorer person would be the culprit, forcing the airline to change their mind.

Meanwhile, Joan has been stewing after having found that Sherlock rented her old apartment. She is firmly convinced that Sherlock doesn't actually want her to move back anymore, but it's actually because he's concerned that Joan is trying to delete herself. He wants her to keep something of herself, and to think before jumping in with both feet.
Dana fakes being attacked to make a bigger splash. Sherlock seems suspicious, because the shoes of the supposed culprit shows that "he" has a limp, but he would have to jump a fence to get out of her yard. Also, she is the only person who was not attacked close-up and in a public space.
Once she shows herself as completely nuts by telling reporters that she deserves a bigger settlement because her husband's life was somehow worth more, even her sister knows that she did it, which puts her own life in danger.
Now it really makes no sense. What Dana does ensures that she will make less money. But then Sherlock's genius machine (otherwise known as his brain) kicks into gear, and he finds that Dana's husband was the man with the limp. Dana faked the attack, and her husband wasn't worth much after all. He was ill,  and had bought the gun she used to kill people in order to kill himself. Once Sherlock makes his deductions, the cops are sent to arrest Dana right before she kills her sister!
Dana had realized that a tiered payout would mean an investigation in which she would have mace less money. Sherlock explains to her that she will have a choice between a hole in the ground and a place with gym equipment when she goes to prison. It's all up to one thing:
Later, Watson invites Sherlock to the basement, then nails the door shut. She is taking ownership of it for work, and forcing use the external door so it is separate from the rest of the Brownstone. She owns it, baby!

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