Thursday, February 4, 2016

'The 100' 3x01/3x02 Gif-Tweet-Cap: I See the Commander of Dead People

We've got a two parter for ya! The 100, episodes "Wanheda: Part One" and "Wanheda: Part Two" offer plenty of dead people, as usual for this show. Except now the people who are dying are people we don't know or care about. That's OK, because there's a lot of 'splainin' to do as the show skips three months into the future. Fans had plenty to say, and so did I! I'm now doing a podcast about the show with Dahne. Part One and Two are below, and you can also subscribe via iTunes. The gifs are also available on Tumblr.

Part One begins with Murphy going insane in a really nice bunker with plenty of water that he could totally use to take a bath. Instead, he decides to become smelly and disgusting until the door opens. Jaha has been keeping him in there the whole time while following a new cult run by a hologram named Alie. Oh, and Alie is the one who dropped the nukes that ended the world, by the way. She says that Murphy will be joining them at some point, once he goes even more insane than he already is.
Over in the real world, the Ark people have become the community of Arkadia, where Bellamy and Lincoln have become BFFs, and Kane is their papa.
Octavia will have none of it because she's full-on Grounder now, riding horses:

And saving Jasper from himself:

Oh yeah, Jasper is pretty much a worse-than-useless lump now. He seems to think that having his throat cut open is hilarious... because Maya. You'd think he's the only one who's lost anyone on the show with all the death that has happened.
Meanwhile, Clarke is off being awesome with a fancy new shabby chic look. She's even killing panthers on her own!

Her favorite new meat doesn't come without consequences, as the panther rips open part of her shoulder. She gets it patched up by someone named Niylah, then goes in for some sexual healing with her to make it all better.
The whole point of this is that Clarke is being hunted by all the Grounders because she is now known as Wanheda (Commander of Death) because she killed all those Mountain Men. And you know what happens when you're the Commander of Death, right? You have SUPERPOWERS!!! Well, not really. That's just sort of what the Grounders think. Or rather, they believe that whoever kills her will become the new Commander of Death, so they can, like... kill people... or something.

Anyway, Clarke gets nabbed by some Ice Nation dude at the end of the first part. His name is Roan, and he's way less douchey than you'd expect.
Even with that, Clarke has become such a badass these days that she nearly kills him.
The second Bellamy spots Clarke he goes temporarily insane and goes after her on his own. Of course, he's so taken with her shabby-chic beauty that he pays no attention to Ice Dude Roan standing right behind him, and ends up getting stabbed in the leg. He continues his temporary insanity by continuing to go after her when he can't walk. It's so ridiculous it's almost hilarious. He just keeps going, like the Energizer Bunny, until Monty talks some sense into him.

The gang gets caught by a new crew of Grounders, but it turns out to be more Ark people who have been living away from Arkadia. Monty's mom is with them, but he learns that his dad died soon after they landed while he was saving a small group of children from the Ice Nation. 15 children died in the attack, and all they know is that all Grounders are bad, not just that Ice Nation is bad.
At the end, Roan gets his Clarke, and brings her to... Lexa!! Lexa goes back on her word with Roan as well, because he's the Ice Prince, son of Ice Queen, and she was supposed to help him out because he's running from his own people. Instead, he's thrown in prison, and has gained a new enemy who truly hates her more than anyone on Earth. That is, anyone but Clarke. Clarke hates her more than anyone on Earth, and shows her exactly how she feels with a giant loogie to the face.

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