Friday, May 15, 2015

'Grimm' 4x21 Gif-Tweet-Cap: Juliette is a 'Headache'

As one tweet states, the Grimm episode "Headache" continues the theme of Juliette being a bi*ch. That, and Renard not knowing "Jack." The following gifs are also available on this Tumblr post.

Continuing from last week, Hank saves Monroe from freezing in the face of death by Juliette-controlled bullet in the "nick" of time!
Nick calls Renard to warn him that Juliette is out for blood, but Jack the Ripper (another continuation from last week) answers instead. Nick and Hank go off to save Renard, but learn that Henrietta was the last person he saw. When they find her body, they put a lookout on his home.
As they learn more, they become suspicious. Wu is sent to watch Renard while Nick and Hank go to Bud's to talk to Adalind. As usual, their interchange hilarious, before they even get inside. Bud has been on constant watch, sitting in a chair with a bat all night. He freaks out when Nick calls, and flips enough to woge when he hears a knock at the door. Of course, it's just Nick and Hank.
Adalind informs them that Renard must be possessed by Jack because his mother must have brought him back from death... along with an evil spirit that tagged along. The only solution is to kill him.
Rosalee comes up with another solution: almost kill him using death-faking drugs, but make him (and Jack) believe that he's dead so Jack will leave.
Meanwhile, Juliette helps Kenneth and his people to finish setting the trap for Nick's mom by giving them the info they need to kill a few of her innocent neighbors and set up a watch on Nick's house.
Soon, we see that someone is hanging out at Nick's house, so Kenneth sends a goon to check her out. We don't need to see her face to know it's Trubel. The answer is in the efficient kill.
Renard agrees to come to the spice shop to drink a drug that he believes will return his memory. Monroe protects his wife by taking over the death-juice-handing activity.
Renard begins falling asleep, but Jack catches on, realizing that the drug is not what they said it was. He begins choking Rosalee, receiving a nasty bite and a slew of rubber bullets in return. Unfortunately, Renard is the one who will suffer the pain from all that.
Believing the bullets were real, combined with the sensation of dying from the fake-death juice, Jack leaves Renard's body in a tiny puff of smoke. Rosalee quickly brings him back with a nice shot of adrenaline.
This bonus gif is a bit indulgent, but it surely belongs, seeing how Renard's chest was a major character in this episode. Oh, and the reason he flashes everyone is because he's afraid that the bleeding has returned. Instead, it's the pain of the gunshot injury finally healing. And with that, Normal Renard is back! Hopefully, we can still have more reasons for #ShirtlessRage in the future.
Soon after Renard returns, Trubel comes knocking to warn Nick of all that is going on at his home.

One annoying thing about the episode is that Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio must not have been available to play the part of Nick's mom Kelly any longer, because they never actually show her face. The person playing her backside is clearly not Mastrantonio, and all we get after that is the sounds of her being killed.

Juliette seems only slightly saddened by the sounds of Kelly dying, but does seem a bit more upset when Kenneth gloats about having ownership of Diana. Still, there's no coming back from this, even if she has a remnant of a heart in there somewhere.
Next, Nick returns home only to see his mother's head in a box. Nick's reaction is painful, but at least his character is becoming more interesting by the minute. Plus, we have Trubel back. We can only hope that her blood will fix Juliette (since Nick's won't work), and that she doesn't have to die to donate her blood to the cause.

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