Thursday, February 25, 2016

'The 100' 3x04/3x05 Gif-Tweet-Cap: Ixnay on the Ark-cray-dia

Welcome to my gif-tweet-recap of The City of Light! I mean, The 100! This week, I'm covering both "Watch the Throne" and "Hakeldama," where Pike goes insane, drags Bellamy with him, and Jaha joins in on the fun to make Arkadia The City of Cray Cray. The gifs can also be found on my Tumblr post, and you can listen to an additional discussion of the episodes below (3.04 will be added later), or subscribe on iTunes.
I'll start with "Watch the Throne," which is actually a pretty awesome episode, as far as Polis goes. Arkadia is already going down the tubes, and I fear for its sanity.

First, Lexa agrees to battle Roan, the Ice Queen's son (the Ice Prince). Clarke, for some reason, is positive that Roan is going to kill Lexa, even though she herself nearly killed him. Way to trust your GF, Clarke!
Meanwhile, the Arkadians are beginning to hate on all Grounders, ever since Ice Nation killed most of Farm Station. Pike's favorite bully Gillmer decides that Lincoln is one of these horrible people who killed his friends, so he throws a rock at his head. Ouch!

Pike settles everyone down, but suddenly the rest of Arkadia seems to be on Pike's side now. Their friend Lincoln is no longer their friend.
Meanwhile, The Great Wanheda (Clarke) is working behind the scenes to get rid of the Ice Queen so that her Lexa-poo won't have to fight Roan. But when she tries to poison her, Ice Queeny takes her runner-up Ice Queen, splits her hand open, and pours the blood on Clarke's face as a message to Lexa (and as a way to say that she's now enemies with all the Sky People, and will kill them all.

So, did you notice something odd about that blood? Yeah, it's black, because Hedas have black blood, aka Nightblood. When Clarke freaks out that Lexa is going to die, and all her people are about to die as well, Lexa reassures her by introducing her to Aden, a very very young Nightblood. Yeah, she's understandably even more freaked out than before.
Lexa doesn't disappoint however. She gives a good fight, and just when everyone thinks she's a goner, she pulls this move:

And then, to everyone's surprise, she doesn't kill Roan. Instead, she pulls this move:

And with that, the Ice Queen is dead, and it's all incredibly awesome!
Not so in Arkadia, where Pike decides to go kill a group of Grounders sent by Lexa to protect them, and a majority (?!!) of Arkadians agree that this is the way to go, and vote him as chancellor! Well, you've really done it now Kane and Abby! Way to keep your titles and people safe!
So the episode "Hakeldama" begins with the slaughter. Pike convinced Bellamy that this was the way to go in the last episode, and they ride off with their thugs and kill a bunch of warriors in their sleep, which makes no sense. But at least Indra is kept alive so she can pass a message to Lexa: that this is now the land of the Sky People.
Yeah, great. Lexa just finished killing the Ice Queen as retribution for the Mt. Weather attack that killed most of Farm Station, and now she wants to kill them all herself. Great going, Pike and Bellamy, ya couple o' douches!
Clarke's only hope is to convince Bellamy to stop with all this horrible nonsense, but he's all in now. He even agrees to lock up sick Grounders that could die without medical attention. At this, Lincoln has reached his last straw, and beats in Gillmer's stupidface over and over, then gives Bellamy a nice elbow to the nose. Sure, he lands in a cell for it, but it's entirely worth it:

Anyway, Clarke's convincing doesn't go very well, and Bellamy handcuffs her. WHY IS HE SUCH A DOUCHE NOW?!?!?! Octavia saves her from jail by beating up a guard so Clarke has time to grab a taser and stick it in his stomach. I HOPE HE PUKED HIS GUTS OUT!!

OK, OK, I'm OK. So basically, Clarke's only hope is to convince Lexa to be the bigger warrior and not retaliate so she can have peace in the land and such. Lexa actually agrees to it, against the wishes of her people because GIRLFRIENDS.
I should probably mention that Jaha has returned to Arkadia in the hopes of spreading his crazy all through the land. He actually starts down the road to success by convincing Raven to stop being miserable by taking his crazy pill (instead of, oh I don't know, having surgery to correct the problem?!).
Also, Murphy is out there somewhere being evil, and somebody nabs him and hauls him off somewhere. The end.

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