Saturday, April 2, 2016

B is for Brian & Boyle ('Limitless'), Bruce & Barbara & Butch ('Gotham'), and Bellamy ('The 100')

First off, my current favorite show has two major characters who have names beginning with B! If you haven't seen Limitless, I think of it as a cross between Psych and the Limitless movie (Bradley Cooper even shows up in a few episodes as Eddie Morra). The reason I also compare it with Psych is because it has a similar level of 80s-style humor, which is my favorite.

Anyway, the best character of the best show on TV right now is Brian Finch (portrayed by Jake McDorman). His character was a loser much like the Eddie Morra character in the movie, then becomes awesomely intelligent when he takes the drug AZT. In this case, Brian is not quite as amazing as Eddie, and winds up under his thumb. He's also forced to work for the FBI.

Speaking of the FBI, Agent Spellman Boyle (portrayed by Hill Harper) is the next B character. He's just you're average run-of-the-mill TV FBI agent, but he clashes with Brian in sometimes hilarious ways.

Now for a few Gotham characters:

Bruce Wayne (portrayed by David Mazouz) is Batman. Well, not yet. But this is who it's all about, right? On this show, he's just a kid, but probably the most fascinating and well-acted young character you'll ever see on TV. 
Barbara Kean (portrayed by Erin Richards) used to be Gordon's annoying fiancee, but now she's hilariously batty.
Butch Gilzean (portrayed by Drew Powell) is a mob enforcer, but Penguin managed to turn him into his slave for a while, which was quite amusing.
Finally, we've got The 100. Bellamy Blake (portrayed by Bob Morley) was a bad guy, then became a good guy, and now he's one of the worst characters on the show. Get a clue, Bellamy!
Bellamy gets tased 'cause he deserves it!


  1. I like Brian Finch's character as well, and I never thought of a cross with Psych, that might be why I like it so much better than my wife does.

    My wife and I commented just last week about the Bruce Wayne character and how well we though it was being portrayed and acted.

    I don't know what to think of Bellamy, I liked him until his whole flip and his hand in the killing of all those grounders and his allegiance with Pike. He seems to be trying to come back to the good but I'm not sure he can come back from it.

    1. It seems to me like they're trying to make Bellamy even more complex, but they already did that. Now they're just trying too hard. He's already become a good guy once, and it's weird to make him do a 180 all over again.

  2. I haven't seen the Limitless TV show, but I was a huge fan of Psych so it sounds like I should probably check it out. Thanks for the suggestion.

    Weekends In Maine

  3. I've never seen any of these shows (tho I did like the old Batman TV show in the 70s). I don't watch much TV anymore. But you make these shows sound interesting.

    1. I haven't watched much lately, or even kept up with my favorites. I'm just too busy. But it's fun when I have the time to sit and relax. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I believe I am getting the hang of it and definitely like the Batman character. I watched Batman when I was a kid.
    Visiting from the A to Z Blog Challenge.

    Patricia @ EverythingMustChange