Tuesday, April 19, 2016

P is for Pritchard ('Second Chance'), Penguin & Peabody ('Gotham'), and Pike ('The 100')

On Second Chance, Pritchard can either refer to the son, Duval Pritchard (Tim DeKay) or the father, Jimmy Pritchard (Rob Kazinsky). The father looks more like the brother, but that's only because he died as an old man and was brought back to life as the younger, best version of himself.

On Gotham, we've got one of the most iconic villains, Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor)! He's completely insane, and entirely entertaining. Then there's Peabody (Tonya Pinkins), who's basically the lackey to the weirdo Dr. Strange, helping him to perform experiments on the criminally insane. Penguin is one of their victims!

And then we've got The 100, with one of the most hated characters of the show, Pike (Michael Beach). And why is he so reviled? Because his favorite pastime is killing Grounders and those who sympathize with them!
Kane finally got one over on Pike, temporarily

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  1. I am so disappointed that The 100 is only on the CW, which we don't get. It looks like a really cool show - and your posts make me wish I could see it even more!
    Carol at My Writing Journal