Thursday, April 21, 2016

R is for Rebecca & Rachel ('Limitless'), and Roan ('The 100')

R is pretty common as the first letter of many names, but apparently not for my favorite shows. There are only three on this list! Two of them come from my current favorite show, Limitless.

Rebecca (Jennifer Carpenter) is Brian's handler at the FBI. She likes Brian as a person in the beginning, until they start having trust issues. She's also very straight-laced, and doesn't like it when Brian tries to break the rules.

Rachel (Megan Guinan) is Brian's sister, and tries to cover for him when he lies. Until she doesn't. She inadvertently screws things up for Brian in a way, but she doesn't really have enough information to go off of to know whether anything Brian does is going to get him killed. So she errs in the side of protecting her brother

On The 100, Roan (Zach McGowan) was simply a prince, as the son of yesterday's Queen Nia, until Lexa killed her. Now he's King Roan. He's not as ruthless as his mom, and definitely not as evil as Ontari, the woman Nia set up to be the successor to Commander Lexa.
Before she knew Roan wasn't as bad as the other bad guys, Clarke tried to kill him

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  1. I watch Limitless most weeks, and enjoy it. I've only seen bits and pieces of 100, when my husband was watching it.

    Cool idea for the challenge! I'll be back to see more of your offerings in the next months. =)

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