Thursday, January 8, 2015

'Elementary' 3x8 'End of Watch' Gif-Tweet-Cap: A Nice Change of Pace

Elementary went serious with the episode "End of Watch." There was nothing funny to see here, but it was a nice change of pace. In fact, it was one of the best episodes of the series so far.
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We start with the murder of cop Alec Flynn. Sherlock makes a big scene of his first clue. Granted, it’s the most significant clue of the episode: the cop was carrying a fake gun.
Joan picks up on the next significant clue when she uses her sober companion knowledge to deduce that Alec had been an addict and sold all of his things for drug money. He had blamed his partner for getting into a car accident, in which he was injured and required addictive pain medicine. The partner is innocent, however, and we soon learn that Alec took his addiction way too far. In fact, Watson finds that Alec sold his own gun for drug money. Not only that, surveillance shows that he sold many other cop guns from the armory and replaced them with toys as well!
Meanwhile, Sherlock learns from a fellow drug abuse group member that all of his significant revelations concerning addiction have been posted on a Tumblr blog called "Brain Attic" (even the title is one of Sherlock's ideas). He spends much of his time and effort trying to fix the situation, leaving Joan to find most of the clues on the case.
After realizing that Alec had basically begun selling off guns to arms dealers, then trading that money with a drug runner known as "6," the other cops decide that Alec was not a cop after all. Perhaps he should not even be considered human.

Kitty comes up with a clue as well, noticing from a surveillance camera that the inhuman-cop killer has a glass eye. This leads to a man known as Buros. They are too late in finding him, however, and he kills another cop.
Back in the Brain Attic, Kitty helps Sherlock find the man responsible for destroying his help-group anonymity: a douchebag named Daren. He refuses to take down the site, even after Sherlock tells him directly that the site is threatening his own sobriety.
Daren the Douchebag is confronted more forcefully inside the group meeting room, where Sherlock threatens to tell his wife that he is cheating (based on clues he picks up while standing within make-out distance of him). This is one of the best scenes Jonny Lee Miller has ever delivered on Elementary. Excellent!
The second murdered cop turns out to be a legitimately good guy. Sherlock uses another of his odd brain exercises by sending blow-arrows through a photo of Buros, and the representation of Alec's drug runner.
Joan makes yet another connection, realizing that "6" is the number on a football jersey, leading to one of Alec's buddies from a football team. The only clue he provides is a quote from Buros: "There's more than one way to use a guy like Alec." With that, Sherlock concludes that Buros is raiding the armory while all the cops are at the funeral for the second cop he killed (Alec's funeral had been canceled on account of him being a sorry excuse for a human being).
Buros is successful with his raid, causing Sherlock to kick himself for being so preoccupied with Daren's plagiarism. Joan saves the day again though, connecting fibers left from Daren's boots with upholstery knives from one of his raided storage containers. Sherlock closes the loop with the realization that Buros was acting very quickly, as if he was on a deadline. The revelations remove truck and plane as possible modes of gun shipment, leaving cargo ship. Buros' gun shipment is located and taken down!
Later, the cops prove that they have a sense of humor when they arrest Buros with a knock knock joke.
But then they prove that they were only getting him in a light-hearted mood so that they could humiliate him entirely in front of the whole police force. Now he feels even more stupid for falling for that knock knock joke.
At the end of the episode, we see that Daren has taken down Brain Attic and replaced it with "I'M SORRY." Unfortunately, Sherlock still decides to quit sharing in his help group, at least for now. Poor Sherlock!

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