Friday, January 30, 2015

'Grimm' 4x10 'Tribunal': Kill Them Allll!!!

Last week's Grimm saw Monroe being held by the "Wesenazis," Juliette continuing to keep her knew Hexenbiestery a secret, and Wu finally being let in on the secret. The episode "Tribunal" continues all of those threads. The following gifs are also available on this Tumblr post.
The episode begins with a fake cult-tribunal, where the Wesenazis plan on deciding whether to cook Monroe while he's impaled on a large stick. One of the nut-balls "purifies" Monroe with a little skull-blood, while the others stand around chanting other stupid and insane things.
Meanwhile, the gang is planning on saving Monroe, but they dawdle for awhile, thinking its more important to prepare Wu for battle by having him watch Bud transform. Bud prematurely beavers all over his own face, while Wu freaks out... then requests for Bud to "do it again," like a parlor trick. He'd have a great time at the Wesen carnival!
So now Wu is ready to question the Wesenazi cop, who knows where Monroe is located. The douchebag cop turns into... a pig!! He's not a very cute piggie though... more the disgusting kind. Wu is ready, punching him without hesitation. It's pretty awesome. Wu, my hero!
Renard continues the beat-down, flinging pig-boy across the room like a little mousey. Oh captain, my captain!
They finally get their info by threatening to make and kill piggie-man's wife. But they have to hurry because Monroe already tried to escape, and ended up killing one of the Wesenazis. Now they want to kill him as soon as possible!
They also abduct Bud to act as a witness, causing viewers to have a collective heart attack, urging the gang to find them before they become a Wesen shish kebab.
They do arrive in the nick of time (after a slow Avengers group walk). The most surprising thing is seeing Juliette pull out a big gun. Most of the Wesenazi obey the cops, but as Nick puts it, some are "stupid."
Wu is confronted with his first life-or-death Wesen-moment, and shoots without hesitation. Nice one! Renard also gets a kill, but it's apparently too horrible to show on TV. It sounds disgusting, whatever it is.
Juliette gets her first kill, but not with her gun. In fact, she's quite useless with a gun, but not with mind-bullets.
The cute, foxy Rosalie turns vicious, attacking Monroe's foe with the largest teeth she can manage. Monroe joins in for a lovely couples-feeding-frenzy. Ah, love! ❤
With everyone safe, Monroe and Rosalee finally get to go on their honeymoon! The only plot left open now is Biestiette. She still has not told anyone her secret... except Renard!

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