Friday, January 16, 2015

'Grimm' 4x8 'Chupacabra' Gif-Tweet-Cap: Wu Hoo!

Grimm gets weird when it finally receives a visit from El "Chupacabra." The episode was much more serious than usual, which was great for a change. Some of us fans (including me) even shed a couple of tears! The following gifs are also available on this Tumblr post.
The episode starts with a couple of docs treating patients in "the DR," as in Dominican Republic. Diego, one of the doctors, returns to Portland with an enormous, nasty-looking sore on his neck... which nobody ever seems to notice. Then, he kills a friendly-looking man and his dog, and wakes up on the side of a highway with blood all over, not knowing what happened.
To those who wonder why people get more upset about animals dying on TV than humans getting their throats ripped out, it's because of the fact that it's so easy to see humans dying as fake. In fact, those "dead" people are probably having fun. Animals, however, have no idea what's happening. They are like innocent little babies who never grow up beyond the age of about 5.
Meanwhile, Monroe and Rosalee have been attempting to go on their honeymoon, but of course that gets put on hold once again, due to threats on their lives by those "specists," who hate them for being married. While at the spice shop, Rosalee receives a call from some creep threatening to harm or kill her. She sneaks to the back, weapon in hand, only to find a poor dead little fox. Luckily, it's a fake-enough-looking stuffed animal to prevent viewers from vomiting.
Unfortunately, the doctor has become a Chupacabra doctor (Chupa-doc), and realizes that he may be killing people without wanting too. Eventually, he turns into the Chupacabra while at work, and attacks his doctor friend!
He gets caught mid-suck, right before killing his good friend and colleague. The woman who spots him is smart enough to back the hell out, although she backs into another car. Luckily, Chupa-doc is finished with his killing spree for the evening, and the driver lives to tell the tale.
Nick and Hank find the Chupacabra in the Grimm books, but it turns out that Chupacabra is really just a sick Wesen.
Wu is also searching for the murderer, and gets another of those glimpses that is just enough to drive him insane, although now he just gets mad, seeing as how there is obviously something fishy going on that nobody is telling him about. He even confronts Renard, who gives away nothing!
Wu finally gets his validation, but he's in a state of confusion: he's under the impression that creatures are just creatures, and not also people. He just about murders the poor Chupa-doc before Nick stops him!
Nick and Hank take Chupa-doc and his wife to the spice shop, but Rosalee only has enough for a single dose. It turns out that Chupa-ness is contagious through exchange of fluids, so the wife has it too! Chupa-doc grabs the cure and gives it to his wife, then forces Nick and Hank to kill him by attacking them.
Nick finally agrees to help Hank tell Wu the truth, but Wu is still stuck on Trubel. He wants answers, and of course the fact that Nick let Trubel out of jail is not a satisfying answer for Wu. He doesn't know enough about what's going on to receive that part of the story! Nick needs help from someone a little more eloquent, but it's too late: Wu is angry, and confused, which soon lands him in jail for freaking out and breaking a window at a bar.
It's not quite over though. Nope. In the last few seconds, we learn that Juliette is not pregnant at all. No, she's something else entirely. At least she now has a purpose. Yay!

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