Friday, January 23, 2015

'Grimm' 4x9 'Wesenrein' Gif-Tweet-Cap: The Most Evil Wesen Ever!

Grimm goes extremely dark and disturbing with the episode "Wesenrein." The last episode saw Juliette turning into a Hexenbiest, and Monroe getting kidnapped by Wesen Nazis. Lots of cool, scary stuff happens, but absolutely nothing is resolved. This episode is just a ramp to the climax episode. The following gifs are also available on this Tumblr post.
Well, one thing is resolved: Wu finally learns the full truth (except about the captain), but he's still in the early stages of coming to terms with it. In fact, Nick and Hank even take him to Aunt Marie's trailer! Wu is creeped out by the creepy trailer in the middle of the creepy woods, owned by a creepy coworker he no longer trusts, and even believes may kill him to keep him quiet.
Meanwhile, Juliette is still screaming about being a Hexenbiest. After trying to clear it up with aspirin, she gets a realllly bad headache, which manifests as broken glass everywhere. She can't seem to bring herself to tell anyone what is happening to her.
But what about Monroe? Rosalee finally realizes that Monroe has been taken, and sees that the cop who was supposed to be watching over the house (and way too obviously looks like a young Nazi) has been struck in the back of the head. She freaks out and calls Nick for help.
The only lead they have is Shaw, so they bring him in for "questioning." He won't say a word, so Nick slams his head into the desk. Shaw gets ready to retaliate, Wesen style, but sees the "infinite darkness" (as Monroe would put it) of his own soul in Nick's Grimm-eyes, and does the usual freak-out.
Rosalee goes to Nick and Juliette's for protection from the Wesenazis, but she's too worried about Monroe to be able to settle down. She keeps asking Juliette if she's received an update call. When she says she hasn't, and refuses to interrupt Nick in their search, Rosalee becomes furious. Juliette becomes furious that Rosalee is furious, so she goes all Biestiette on her, ripping out her throat.
Psych! It was all a bad Biestie nightmare. They are still BFFs (at least for now).
Meanwhile, Monroe is being held in Wesenazi purgatory, being mistreated by what appears to be a teenage Wesenazi, and chatting up Terry, a guy being held nearby. They soon come for Terry and drag him off. Monroe's wheels start turning, thinking of ways to escape, and he asks to use the bathroom. Monroe finally sees his chance after the little Wesenazi trips him. Go Monroe!!
Unfortunately, Monroe halts his escape once he sees his new BFF impaled on an enormous wooden spike. He's captured once again, and subjected to the very likely possibility that the same thing will happen to him. Dammit, Monroe!
The only lead the gang has on Monroe's location is the Wesenazi cop that had been "looking after" Monroe and Rosalee, who inadvertently leads them to a little rat-faced coward who gives them another tidbit of info, but time is running out! Nick and Hank, you'd better get there quick and save him already!

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  1. I love what is happening to juliette. She is going to make a great wessen.