Friday, February 13, 2015

'Grimm' 4x12 'Marechaussee' Gif-Tweet-Cap: The Biest Emerges

"Marechaussee" is the Hexenbiest episode of Grimm. It focuses mainly on Juliette and her new powers, with a little Manticore thrown in for good measure. The following gifs are also available on this Tumblr post.
We start out with a fake psychic ripping off a sweet but clueless woman who wants to speak with her dead husband. The "psychic" prepares for his performance by making a show of reaching out for his client's hands. He then turns into a wolf-man to prove... uh... that her husband is a wolf spirit? Or something...
Later, a monkey-faced scorpion (Manticore) breaks in and kills him. After speaking with the clueless woman, the gang believes that the "psychic" may have been violating the rules of the Wesen council.
Meanwhile, Juliette is meeting with Henrietta about her slight problem of biesting out all the time. Then, Biestiette plays a game of Hexen-dominoes with her new BFF (biest friend forever). Henrietta then draws Juliette's blood Biest-style (without a needle), and it begins swirling into a Technicolored nightmare.
Later, Biestiette realizes that she's got pretty good telekinesis skills while cooking, so she practices on a pepper mill. When Nick calls out to her, she ends up hitting herself in the head. We now know how to kill a Hexenbiest! Just sneak up on her when she's "reaching" for a knife, then startle her as it's flying through the air. Voilà!
Adalind has returned, and is in town to search for Diana, her baby. She knows that Nick's mom is caring for her, so Renard gives him a heads-up call, and Nick, in turn, gives Juliette a heads-up call while she's at work as a veterinarian (remember, she has a job!) Biestiette clearly shows her hexen-fury for the woman who turned her into a Hexenbiest, causing all the little pets at her clinic to freak out.
Turns out Juliette is one powerful Biest. Even Henrietta is freaked out when Juliette's blood boils over and digs its own hole to China. When Juliette freaks out about it, Henrietta is forced to slap her silly.
Then there's the matter of the killer Manticore. Monroe and Rosalee call the Wesen Council to ask about him, but they know the couple is friends with a Grimm, and want them to stay out of it. They have also added him to the Manticore's hit list.
When Nick hears that he's a target, he hurries home to protect Juliette, still not knowing what she has become. The Manticore decides to off Juliette, but as he goes in for the kill, Biestiette stops him at the last minute. She then proceeds to stab him with his own stinger. Nick looks dumbfounded when he finally makes it home, but Biestiette explains it with a simple, "He missed," and a sly smirk. Wow, she's hardcore Biest now!

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