Friday, February 6, 2015

'Grimm' 4x11 'Death Do Us Part' Gif-Tweet-Cap: Shocking!

The Grimm episode "Death Do Us Part" lightens the mood a bit after the last few weeks of intensity. In fact, it's a combo Ghost Hunters spoof, soap opera spoof, reminiscent of the similar spoof on Supernatural. The following gifs are also available on this Tumblr post.

We start off with the Ghost Seeker crew in a haunted house, and guaranteeing to keep filming. Ghost Seeker Raymond, who says "literally" literally in every sentence, tells the story of Stetson and Patty Donovan, who were burned alive in their bed. But then some sort of electric-eel man literally turns Raymond into a burned crisp. Maybe eel-man should be called set-too-high-toaster man?
Later, Nick comes home to find that Juliette is gone (she's still showing Renard her woge). She wants to know how to reverse it, but the only thing he can do is put her in contact with Henrietta, his mom's friend.

When she finally returns and they go to bed, she most likely blocks his romantic overtures (as she does later in the episode) and goes to sleep. Therefore, Nick decides to decapitate Juliette, but of course, it's just a nightmare.
When Juliette meets up with Renard to discuss her situation, some jerkface pulls into a spot right in front of her, almost hitting her as shes walking. Juliette is a little too angry at the guy. Sure, he's a douchebag, but that doesn't exactly mean he deserves to die horribly. Well, maybe. It is a TV show, after all. It's always fun to kill off the douchebags on TV.
Hank and Nick learn that the bodies of the couple were too damaged to identify, and the viewers will soon learn the truth. Meanwhile, a homeless man enters the house, goes to bed on the nasty old charred bed, and proceeds to hallucinate about a dancing couple. Then a few sparks literally fly.
So the truth is that it's a Wesen love triangle. Patty was having an affair with a guy named Theo, and Theo's wife Lily works as a waitress.

Back in normal land, Nick and Juliette think it will be fun to videophone with the honeymooners. Monroe and Rosalee nearly cut their honeymoon short at the slightest whiff if trouble back home... for a split second. Monroe is still willing to come home if he's needed, but Rosalee smartly turns off the webcam before anyone can change their minds.
In Wesen World, we soon find that Stetson is the homeless murderer, and he killed his wife and Theo in the bed. Nick's books say that he must pierce his ear and rub frog paste in it if he wants to fight eel-man without turning into toast. Really? That's definitely a new one!
So he does it, and they go find Stetson the homeless eel toaster back in the house. Nick fights him off, then Lily shoots him in the back to put an end to it once and for all. Set-too-high-toaster man then lets out a burst of energy as he dies. Bye weirdo!
At the of the episode, Juliette meets with Henrietta, but we have to wait to see what they talk about. Meanwhile, Regard's gunshot wounds begin bleeding again, but soon close up. He has no idea what's going on. Does this mean his mama is in danger, since she's the one who saved him?

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