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'Elementary' 3x11, 3x12 'The Illustrious Client,' 'The One That Got Away': We Love You Kitty!

This is a two-part recap for a two-parter Elementary, including the episodes "The Illustrious Client" and "The One That Got Away," and they're all about Kitty! The following gifs are also available on this Tumblr post, and the Baker Street Podcast I cohost is coming soon. You can also subscribe to it on iTunes.

"The Illustrious Client" begins with a big happy smile from Joan. In fact, it's the happiest we've seen her in awhile, and it's all because of her new ginormous office with a view. Too bad her new job is at an insurance agency. Yawn.
Kitty is happy that she can have more learning time with Sherlock, except that soon changes when she sees that Joan is not at her new job. Nope, it's time to tell her what was found at the end of the last episode: a message to her from the man who hurt her in the form of Melanie, who is now a dead body with the same scars as Kitty.
The detective initially on the case is just plain dumb, and Kitty sets him straight by bravely showing him her back to prove that the murderer is the same man who scarred her, not the guy he's currently chasing.
The first man they question is a douchebag who had a date with Melanie, but he only saw her at the bar. She wasn't "hot enough" for him. The bartender is similarly douchey, surprised that a woman who acted just like she had been roofied could actually have been roofied, what with his high-end clientele. Luckily, the bad guy left behind a phone.
The phone leads them to a house of horrors, containing many women enslaved in sex trafficking. The main suspect, Simon de Merville, is nowhere to be found, but one of his Albanian sex traffickers is found dead. de Merville was injured in the fight and ran off. Also, the poker used to scar Kitty and the other dead victim, Malanie, is found at the house.
The gang finds de Merville's doctor sister, but she is not cooperative. Sherlock works his magic anyway to deduce that de Merville stole a drug used to treat a rare disease known as PNH. He gets Josn to use her new job to find people in the area who have PNH so they can find where de Merville is hiding.

Kitty is fuming with hatred toward the sister for helping her disgusting brother. In fact, she threatens the sister with her single stick.
Meanwhile, Joan "startles" Sherlock as he listens to the hum of bees in an attempt to "crowd out caring" (as Joan puts it) and focus on the case.
But now the sister is willing to help by giving her brother a call, with Kitty standing over her, and Sherlock realizes that de Merville is "micturating" (peeing) on a boat... and he knows this from supposedly spending time on boats getting seasick.
de Merville is not anywhere on the water though. Sherlock soon remembers artificial turf he spotted at the house next door to the brothel however, because it is used in boat storage. This leads them to de Merville's dead body, in a boat parked in the driveway to a house whose owner's son has PNH. de Merville had basically paid him with the drugs to save his son's life for a place to stay.
Unfortunately, Kitty is sure that de Merville is not the man who hurt her because his fingers aren't broken. She had broken the man's fingers during her escape. But she does find the man who hurt her when she visits Joan. Joan is talking to her new boss on speaker, and Kitty recognizes his voice!
In the next episode, "The One That Got Away," we get to see a few flashbacks from eight months ago when Sherlock and Kitty first met. It begins with Kitty trying to convince a snooty detective that a boy has been abducted by a rapist. When he wont listen, she breaks her tablet computer in disgust, and Sherlock happens to be standing there.
Joan doesn't believe that her new boss, Del Gruner, could be the horrible man Kitty and Sherlock believe he is... until Sherlock logically walks her through it, and Del, listening to every word from her spying work phone, instantly calls her to fire her. Oh, and he also acts incredibly guilty when being questioned by Gregson, using his firing of Joan as leverage to make her seem like a disgruntled employee.
Kitty decides that it is best if she leave for London, and not be involved with the case, but she doesn't actually leave. She stays behind to watch Gruner, supposedly without Sherlock's knowledge (we later learn that he knew all along).
Sherlock works hard to find other victims that Gruner tried to hide, but to no avail. Bell finds a possible future victim, Tabitha, but she is nothing like his type. Watson attempts to get a rise out of him by attending a charity event and mentioning three of the possible victims Sherlock had researched. Nothing works until Tabitha walks over, and he learns that they spoke with her. That makes him furious.
They can't figure out the connection until Sherlock realizes that one possible victim he had ruled out met every criteria except for having been kept for a year rather than three weeks. She had been found six years ago, which is exactly how long he has given to Tabitha's charity. Her adopted son is Gruner's son!
In a series of flashbacks, we learn how Sherlock and Kitty ultimately began working together, and her training begins with breaking and entering. She cant figure it out though, ao she comically tries to kick the door in, causing Sherlock to droop his head in frustration.
Back in the present, the cops now have all they need to put Gruner away, except Gruner himself. No, that's because Kitty has him tied up and all ready to be turned into a soup of homemade "nutmeg concoction."
Sherlock, fully aware of where she is via her phone, comes to tell her that she does not need to be a murderer, because they can prove what he did. But, he leaves it up to her, and ensures that she understands that he'll always be her friend, no matter what her decision. So, she decides to permanently remove his smirk.
Kitty now has no choice but to leave, or be put in prison. Before getting on the plane, she tells Sherlock that she loves him. It seems to be more of a friend or daughter love than romantic love. We hope to see her again, either here or in a spin-off!
In a final flashback, Sherlock is crying after Kitty had left for awhile because of an insensitive comment he had made about her wanting to be broken. She returns, showing the exact point at which Kitty saved him from being broken. He burns up his drugs, then proceeds to save Kitty. Essentially, they saved each other.

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