Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A is for Amplitude

This is the first time I've entered two blogs into the A to Z Blogging Challenge: this main one and a brand new kitty blog. I don't really have a theme for this one this year, although I'm going to try and keep up with my usual animated gifs and quoted tweets. Although the posts will be mostly random, I tend to post mostly about science, technology, and sci-fi.

I am tempted to post about Almost Human, one of my favorite sci-fi shows ever, but I already did that last year. So, this year, A is for AMPLITUDE. Why? Because I had to do a secret experiment recently in which the amplitude of a wave was an important factor. The amplitude is the magnitude of the wave from equilibrium (or the middle, or zero). You could say that it's the height of the top half of a wave. Here I am setting the amplitude on an arbitrary waveform generator:

And here are some random tweets about #amplitude: