Thursday, May 14, 2015

'Elementary' 3x23 'Absconded' GifTweetCap: Mass Bee Murder!

"Absconded" is Elementary's first dud episode in awhile. It had a few good elements, but defied logic in a number of areas. Ah, well, they can't all be winners, right? Let's just hope the finale makes up for it. Oh, and gifs and tweets can help make up for it as well! The following gifs are available on this Tumblr post. The podcast I co-host is not yet available for this episode, but you can subscribe on iTunes.

The episode starts right off with a solved crime... involving a dumb criminal who thought he could set up an elaborate plan involving a Raggedy Andy flash mob that he could hide within after killing his boss in broad daylight. Yeeeeeah... and he left all the evidence they needed to find him right in the production of the masks!
Next up, we've got the murder of USDA Bee Man Everett Keck, but it's OK, because we soon learn that he is a mass bee murderer in a ridiculous plot to become rich.
Then a doofus cop arrests Sherlock for saving him from killing himself through the sniffing of the cyanide murder weapon.
Side note: Gregson is being offered a promotion, yay! Well, except he wants Watson to check out his replacement first, in case she's a nincompoop or evil drug kingpin or something like that.
They soon find the killer, because he had accused Keck of killing his bees. He soon confesses out of guilt for killing a man over bees, but why the heck did Keck kill the bees in the first place?
Sherlock decides to test a new theory that bee stings can appear to be hypodermic marks. He does this test while on the phone, hoping they won't put him on hold... but wasn't he just about to put them on hold so he could hold the bee on his arm so it could sting him?
The reason for the test is to see whether someone had attempted to murder Keck's boss, Calvin Barnes. Barnes had a heart attack, but also had several bee stings. He was also very healthy, which means that he could have been injected with something to cause a heart attack, and the evidence hidden among the bee stings.
Well, that's exactly what happened, but why? Because of incredibly stupid reasons, that's why. Things seem fairly logical until a kidnapped Sheikh is thrown in the mix. Some freaky woman named Tara Parker and her husband Griffin hatched a plan along with Keck to kidnap the Sheikh and hold him for ransom so they could be rich.
When Sherlock connects Keck's Buddha shirt to a theology hood on some racy photos Tara used to lure the Sheikh to town, her husband confesses to everything because, you know, now that he can see that she slept with Keck, he hates his wife and his life and EVERYTHING!!!
At the end of the episode, Gregson turns down the promotion because he is already at the high point in his life and loves everything and everybody. Unfortunately, his buddy who brought him the promotion news thinks that the promotion was a setup to get him to leave his current job. He doesn't offer any other info, so we are left with an extremely mild cliffhanger going into the finale.

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