Friday, May 8, 2015

'Grimm' 4x20 'You Don't Know Jack' Gif-Tweet-Cap: Or Do We?

The Grimm episode "You Don't Know Jack" has a creature of the week, but it's not your typical creature. In fact, it may be one of our main characters, and may not even be Wesen! The following gifs are also available on this Tumblr post.

The episode begins with lots of frowny-faces. The gang reminisces at the burned-out trailer, where only a few of the weapons and books have survived.
Then we meet the monster of the week, who seems to actually be Jack the Ripper, out killing Wesen prostitutes.
Soon after, Renard wakes up fully clothed in the middle of a pool.
Nick is finally on a rampage to fix Juliette before she does any more damage. Adalind helps out by exhuming the body of her mother so she can create a potion that will remove Hexenbiest powers. This seems a little too closely related to the potion used to return lost Hexenbiest powers.
Rosalee is the only one who can stomach ripping out organs from the long-dead Hexenbiest, while Monroe can barely stomach being in the same room as the body.
Adalind doesn't much enjoy drinking her mom potion. At least it was filtered through a witch hat rather than smoothie style.
Once she drinks it, she asks everyone to hold her down while her powers bubble up and supposedly leave her, causing the whole room to shake. Luckily, Monroe is able to catch the mom-juice before it falls to the floor.
The gang watches as Adalind tests out her powers as they slowly fade. Adalind can be stupid at times, but she's also sneaky. There's no way she truly believes that Juliette will drink the potion, or that she can be forced to drink it. It's amazing that the others can be so deluded. Is it possible that the potion has actually made Adalind stronger than Juliette so she'll have a fighting chance?
As Juliette creates more havoc, Renard creates a whole different kind of havoc when he goes to Henrietta for help, blowing up with emotion about how he's losing control of his mind, likely because of the way his mother brought him back to life at the beginning of the season. He storms out, but the Ripper (who may also be the captain) returns, killing Henrietta. We'll miss you! You were an awesome Hexenbitch!
Juliette answers Nick's call to come to the spice shop, but of course refuses to drink the potion. Instead, she throws everyone around, and forces Nick to raise his gun, apparently to kill Monroe. A shot rings out, but it's to be continued. The preview for next week contains some spoilers on what happens next, in case you can't stand not knowing.

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