Friday, May 1, 2015

'Grimm' 4x19 'Iron Hans' Gif-Tweet-Cap: Hexen-Puberty

"Iron Hans" is one of the few Grimm episodes with no monster of the week, although it does have a murderous Wesen of the week. Unfortunately, it's somewhat forgettable in comparison to what is going on with Juliette. The following gifs are also available on this Tumblr post.
We start with boys being boys: catching a cute furry bunny for dinner. It's the Wesen Boy Scouts, learning a valuable lesson on hunting and devouring poor innocent creatures.
Later, Adalind shows Renard her baby bump, and his first reaction?
When she explains that the baby is Nick's he's even more shocked. And even more shocking than that? Nick is the only person she has slept with since the pregnancy. Renard calls for Nick, but he seems confused by the idea that he could have fathered her child... since he only slept with "Juliette," after all. Does that mean the baby is genetically Juliette's?
Then, Adalind gets rapey again, forcing Nick's hand onto the belly containing the baby she conceived through raping him.
Despite the rapey stuff, Nick develops the instinct to protect the innocent child just in time: Juliette shows up to rip Adalind's throat out. Nick grabs Juliette's arm to push her away, which proves to be a big mistake, at least from Juliette's insane perspective. She takes that to mean that he is choosing Adalind over her because becoming a Hexenbiest has turned her into a 5-year-old with frequent terrible-2-year-old tantrums.
Adalind has said that they will need to dig up her mother for some not-so-fresh Hexenbiest remains to be mixed into some sort of nasty potion that will probably taste as good as Juliette's new face. Later, Nick brings Adalind to the spice shop so she can help with the cure for Juliette. Rosalee wonders who Adalind's latest "sperm donor" is, but the answer is way to soap opera for her.
Oh yeah, there was a main plot in here somewhere. Whatever. The daughter of the guy who runs the camp killed innocent people because she was left out of the boy's club, and got a taste for human blood. Then she gets stabbed by her final prey and dies in her daddy's and brother's arms. Crazy weird biotch.
Juliette throws the worst two-year-old tantrum of a lifetime, tearing up generations of Grimm books and setting the whole trailer ablaze. To be extra evil, she gives Nick a call to make sure he understands just how happy she is to ruin his life.

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