Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Teensy 'Talks' to Tippy

First, a note about my new weekly articles
I had mentioned in my S post that I would be writing recaps and previews for the new show "Defiance" each week. Well, I'm doing the previews, but the recaps will have to wait. They are postponing them for a bit, but I'm not sure for how long. It's OK though, because the previews are way more awesome than any recap could ever be anyway. Check out my latest exclusive preview for next week's episode!

Teensy and Tippy
I've talked about all of my animals so far, except these two kitties. They couldn't be more different, yet they are both "odd ducks."

Tippy goes nuts around the mid-makeover
emptied pool and yard
White-tipped tail Tippy is the most laid back of all the kittens, yet he has brief moments where he completely loses his mind and flips out. I'll be sitting in the living room watching TV, and he'll suddenly shoot through the doggy door, through the living room, and somewhere into the back of the house. Where? I have no idea. He'll be completely quiet back there for a few minutes, then suddenly blow past us in the other direction, and back outside.

Tippy casts a shadow
We have been working on a makeover for our backyard, so the pool has been emptied in preparation, and a few invasive "weed trees" have been chopped down. All the kitties love to play in the empty pool, and among the fallen trees. It's like a new playhouse for them. Tippy takes extra advantage of the new play area, however, by running and jumping wildly during his freak-outs. Just check out the video to see what I mean.

Tippy also enjoys being around people. He comes up to me, and nearly trips me trying to rub up against my legs and wind his way between them. He's also the only kitty who loves to have his tummy rubbed.

Teensy hides under the table
Teensy, on the other hand, loves to play with the other kitties, but takes off whenever a human comes around. She's the only kitty who is still not very tame, although I can scratch behind her ears when she comes in the house and sits on one of the dining room chairs. Consequently, all of the close-up photos I've ever been able to take of her are on the dining room chairs, or under the dining room table.

Teensy "talks" to Tippy
These are the only two kitties that rarely play with each other. They do play, but almost never. I often see Tippy playing with any of the other cats, and Teensy playing with any of the other cats as well. So this photo I took of the two of them sitting near each other, with Teensy yawning in a way that appears to be "talking," is a rare one indeed.
The perfect Tippy photo:
all eyes, white tippy tail, and little white chin and whiskers

Teensy relaxes under the table

You'll notice many more Teensy photos.
That is because it's more difficult to take
photos of Teensy, and she's so adorable.

Teensy appears to be posing, with her cute
little mouth slightly open, as if to speak.
Tippy lounges by the side of the empty pool.

Why, hello Teensy!

Teensy takes a regal pose, as if to say,
"I'm special."


  1. Aww, they're adorable! I want to "fussle" the tops of their heads! So snuggly!

  2. Teensy looks a bit like my cat Jack.

  3. Cute cats! My husband was watching that show last night--looked a little intense for me, but very intriguing.
    Kids Math Teacher

  4. All I can say is: I'm a dog person...I'll leave it at that. (Keep writing, though, and Happy A to Z!)

  5. I was really primed for the show, after the Preview and wasn't disappointed. The scenes down in old St. Louis were really well done! I love shows like this and have been waiting for something like this to come along for awhile. I had to laugh at "Teensy talks to Tippy." It looks like "Teensy photobombs Tippy!"

  6. You sure do have a bunch of crazy cats!

  7. Teensy and tippy are gorgeous! Teens say looks a little like Minnie. Most of the cats I've had tend to have what we call a funny five minutes...why is that?

  8. Love your cats, and I want that pool!!

  9. Ah, yes. Ancient Egypt redux: writing on walls and worshipping cats.

    BTW, the video would no show for me. Boo! Hiss! I'm in the wrong country, I think.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!
    Bears Noting