Thursday, May 30, 2013

Everyday in May: I Have Trouble Letting Go

Today's Every Day in May prompt is: "React to this term: Letting Go." This is going to be a very simple post. I've been very busy, but I really liked some of these prompts and didn't want to miss them, so I'm making them all up and backdating them. I'll have to catch up on comments over the weekend.

The first thing I think of when I hear the term "letting go" is that I can't. This is exactly what I have trouble with, and is one of the personality flaws I wrote about earlier. I tend to obsess when I make mistakes, and I have trouble letting go of them. My mother still has to remind me of this. She is always reminding me to "let go" of it. So, I continue to work on that. I'm actually better at it than I used to be, but I still find myself obsessing when I'm under stress.

There's also another way to take the term though: letting go of a loved one who dies or wants to leave. That's a really tough one, but sometimes there's just no choice, especially when someone dies. In the other case though, when someone wants to leave and you don't want them to go, I have found that it is best to turn off your brain as much as possible and let it happen.

You may cry for days and days, but it is always the best decision in the long run. The longer you hold on, the longer you suffer. If they want to leave you, then they aren't suffering. You are the only one in great pain. It just doesn't serve anyone to make that pain go on longer than it has to. In the end, you may find you're better off anyway.

When my first boyfriend moved away, I cried myself to sleep for about three months. Then one day I woke up and wondered why I had been so upset. I suddenly realized all the bad things in our relationship, and how much he had stifled my creativity. I was suddenly happy to be free!


  1. You sound like a very smart girl! I enjoyed your take on 'letting go'

  2. Letting go is not easy. I just had one of my rats pass away a couple of days ago. Doesn't matter what we are letting go's not an easy thing to do.

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  3. yep letting go is hard ...but when u look deeper...u find its the best thing u could have done :)