Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Blog Every Day in May: My Favorite Links

Back to blogging, and the prompt today is: "A list of links to your favorite posts in your archives." My blog is fairly new, but I do have a few favorites, which I'll separate into sections:

Cute animals with photos:

I have to share ALL the posts about each of my eight animals, because they are all my favorites.
Monster Kitties!!: A little of each pet, but as little monsters. My fave pet post!
Mama MissKitty Madness: About the wonderful cat I rescued, who brought me her six kittens
Lovely Lady Lulu: About my sweet and intelligent dog
Fancy Furball Fascinates: One of my most stunning kittens
Cunning Cheetah Candids: The fastest kitty
Bad Boy Booty (Booty is My Cat): The biggest boy
Gorgeous Gracie Gets Gregarious: A beautiful little girl
Teensy 'Talks' to Tippy: The last two of the six kittens
Pico Prefers Peanuts: About my dad's parrot

Cute or funny life stories:

Kristenhead Keeps Kidding: The story of my nickname
Remembering Rugged Roads: What it was like living on a farm
A Sad and Funny Childhood Story: It was horrible at the time, and hilarious now
I was a Monster: Another thing that was pretty bad at the time, but funny looking back

Totally random favorites:

The Best Monster of All: The monster that will blow your mind
Jotting Junky Jabberwocky: Something weird that I do for fun

Interesting posts where I learned something through research:

Yellow Yarrow Yard: I knew my mom planted this, but didn't know much about it
Zany Zzyzx Zoning: I've always loved the sign, and researched a teeny bit back then. This time I did additional research, and learned even more about it.

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  1. I can't get enough of your cats! Love the cute kitty posts x