Sunday, May 12, 2013

MMM Day 2: The Toe Kick Monster

Like many children, I was afraid of monsters. I was not afraid of them under my bed, or in my closet, however. In fact, I loved my closet, and I loved having a bed that was high off the floor where my dog could sleep and lick my hand when I reached down to pet her. No, I was afraid of the impossible monster. I was afraid of the unknown monster that nobody else could ever think of.

I was afraid of the Toe Kick Monster. A toe kick is the little area underneath a floor cabinet where your toes go. I always feared the idea that some sort of monster could shrink itself so tiny, that it could hide invisibly in the toe kick area. If you look for it before standing in front of the cabinet, you can't see it. It only appears when you actually go up to the cabinet and stand there. It is when you're not looking that the Toe Kick Monster grows a hand that will suddenly pop out and grab your ankle, pulling you into an unknown dimension where nobody will ever find you.

I would much prefer a Cupcake Monster hand
over a Toe Kick Monster hand. Then I could eat it!
From Flickr user Kristin Ausk
I was rational enough that I knew this would never happen. And I never feared the Toe Kick Monster during the day. It was only at night, when I had to brush my teeth before bed, that I feared the Toe Kick Monster hand that would grab my ankle while brushing my teeth.

But I was rational enough to brush my teeth anyway. I would brush my teeth while shaking, slightly whimpering, growing little goose bumps, and feeling my hair standing on end. I would brush, brush, brush, as quickly as possible. Then, I would run to my room with my heart pounding and sinking to my stomach, and jump into bed and climb under the covers. My dog would whimper a little too, worried that there was something wrong with me. I would reach my hand under my bed to console her, and myself. Then we would both settle in for a good night sleep, protected from the Toe Kick Monster until the next evening.


  1. That monster must be related to the one that reaches through the gaps in steps to grab ankles.

    1. No, that is the Basement Monster. He has all kinds of space where he can fit. :)

  2. If it helps at all I am currently- as a full grown adult- afraid of zombies. At night when i'm lying in bed in the dark and, sometimes, when i'm lathering my hair in the shower. Why the shower? Because naked = defenseless and eyes closed due to soap in hair = can't see the thing coming into my bathroom.

    I know I'm crazy, but that's how it goes.

    1. It's not all that crazy when you think of the fact that the scariest monsters are the unseen ones in your own mind. :) Thanks for stopping by!