Friday, February 14, 2014

'Person of Interest' GifTweetCap: Shaw's New Gal-Pal

Most of these gifs are available on this Tumblr post. "Provenance" is one of the sillier Person of Interest episodes, but hey, sometimes fans need a break from heart-pounding, non-stop suspense and huge revelations. This is one of those "break" episodes, but still enjoyable.

Now that Reese (Jim Caviezel) is back home, things are somewhat back to normal, which means the gang has a new number to contend with. That new number is an event planner, which means that Reese and Finch (Michael Emerson) will be attending an event together. The only problem is that Reese wants to look spiffy for his "boyfriend," but his tie seems to have other ideas.
During the event, a thief makes off with some goods, but Shaw (Sarah Shahi) puts up a human roadblock in the form of a bright white, sexy push-up dress. The thief is their event-planner-number, and also a former gymnast!
The "NCSI guys" as Shaw calls them (incorporating the names of the bulk of other CBS shows in various flavors of CSI and NCIS), believe that Kelli (Elaine Tan) is a very dangerous killer, thanks to Interpol's French Agent Bouchard (Henri Lubatti). While law enforcement is preoccupied, Shaw finds Kelli's bag hidden inside, which contains a device with GPS coordinates for a bar she frequents.
Shaw spies on Kelli enough to learn that the two of them could probably make great gal-pals, if only Shaw was, you know, a criminal. But hold up -- Kelli's not your average criminal! They can be pals after all! Shaw stops Kelli from committing her latest crime, only to find that she was forced to steal by people who kidnapped her daughter (Chloe Cheng). These criminal masterminds have also been going in and "cleaning up" after Kelli by killing people, and framing her for the murders.
It turns out Kelli was kicked off the Chinese Olympic team after winning silver because she was prego... and when she pawned her medal to feed her baby, she decided to steal a watch too. The owners of the shop just happened to be bad guys who liked her thieving talents, so they kidnapped her child so she would do their bidding. Now, Interpol believes she's also a murderer.
There's a slight problem, however: the daughter is being held in Prague, and will be murdered if Kelly doesn't steal the Gutenberg Bible, which is exceedingly more difficult to steal now that Shaw prevented her from stealing it during transport. So, here are the steps they take to steal the artifact:
Step 1: Buy a 3D printer. This step contains five other steps:
Step 2: Have Fusco (Kevin Chapman) covertly pull prints from one of the security guards who works at the place where the bible is being held.
Step 3: Print a hand that has the prints lifted from the guard.
Step 4: Have a Grumpy-Cat-mustachioed Reese knock out some poor, unsuspecting fool, so he can pretend to break in and get caught by the guards on purpose.
Step 5: Place the fingertips of the printed hand on fingers, lick, and scan.
Step 6: Use Kelli's gymnastic thieving techniques to traverse the convenient gymnastics bars placed above the bible.
Voila! With the guards distracted by Reese, Kelli and Shaw have time to make off with the bible.
Unfortunately, Kelli is now in even hotter water with Interpol, now that she made off with the bible. So, Shaw pulls Agent Bouchard aside for a little chat with Finch. They give him all the necessary info to make him helpful in finding Kelli's kidnapped daughter, and promise to return the bible once the daughter is safe.
Kelli returns to the bar to speak with Cyril (Gene Farber), her "boss," about leaving the crime world now that she stole the bible for them, but of course, he refuses. When she insists, he makes a call to his kidnapper friends, thinking he will simply threaten her daughter's life again. This time, Reese is there to knock out the bad guys and save the girl. Soon after, Shaw helps take down the Cyril. As the cops finish the job, Shaw has a drink nearby, undeterred.
Now that Agent Bouchard is a hero for taking down a set of criminal masterminds, he sets Kelli free. They also fly her daughter to the USA, resulting in a rare warm smile from Shaw as she watches the mother-daughter reunion.
Later, our gang has a small celebration for a job well done, and Reese pours one for Carter. Hey, it wouldn't be a celebration without Carter there, at least in spirit.

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