Thursday, February 6, 2014

'Almost Human' GifTweetCap: XRN vs DRN

You can find most of the gifs from this recap on this Tumblr post. "Unbound" marks the first Almost Human episode that is completely devoid of Kennex-Dorian car-ride-banter hilarity. Instead, Rudy offers up all the humor required for an episode of the series, even though the banter is sorely missed. There are still some nice moments between the pair, and the episode is a fantastic break from the normal routine. Still, I expect the show to get back to hilariously awkward and inappropriate homosexual innuendo next week. By the way, I've gotten friends who are not sci-fi fans to watch expressly for the banter and comedic moments. So, tell your friends to watch and live tweet! You never know when you may be quoted in a recap!

The episode opens with children taking a tour of the precinct. Dorian (Michael Ealy) attempts to take the child-friendly route, while Kennex (Karl Urban) does his best to terrify them to the point of puking. --Since barf makes me barf, I've left that part out of the gif.
Meanwhile, a cyclops android steals a purse, then kills the victim for apparently no reason. A slew of MXs "kill" the thing, then place it in evidence lockup. What they fail to realize is that the bot is still kickin'. They merely placed it right where it was told to be: the same location as the mysterious head glimpsed in the pilot episode.
Mr. Cyclops turns itself back on, removes it's own head, then replaces it with the female head already in lockup.
Rudy (Mackenzie Crook) finds that the cyclops head is highly complex, and programmed by someone who really knows what they are doing.
The new-headed machine, known as Danica (Gina Carano), decides to take a cab ride. Here's a word of caution: never stop for a gorgeous woman dressed in all-black ninja military gear and guns. She will blow your head off and stuff you in your own trunk.
When Kennex sees a photo of the stolen head, he recognizes it immediately. In fact, the entire precinct knows about it, except Dorian. That's because Danica, an XRN model similar to the DRNs, was the department's biggest failure, and they buried information in a place where even Dorian can't find the truth with is genius noggin. Back when the DRNs had been taken offline, one Danica XRN was created. She went all loony and killed a large number of cops and government bigwigs over a period of three days, until Kennex finally helped to destroy the body. The gang decide that the head must be what the Insyndicate had been looking for when they broke in during the "Pilot" episode.
Apparently, Danica is out of charge, without a USB plug. She decides to replace her body with a sexbot. --Initially, I was fearful that the episode would to devolve into a silly Xena-like escapade, until she finally put her clothes back on. Hopefully, the hot bot-bod pulled in some male viewers.
Danica takes the body from the workplace of a Dr. Nigel Vaughn (John Larroquette). When Nigel enters, she knocks him out. Dorian and Kennex investigate, but Dorian seems to know the doctor. Kennex is a bit confused by the display of affection he witnesses, until Dorian explains that Nigel is his creator.
Meanwhile, Danica continues her rampage, seemingly killing and mutilating people for no reason. That includes the removal of a lab tech's eye.
Dorian and Kennex take the doctor to Rudy's lab, where Rudy uncomfortably bows before his idol.
While at the lab, Nigel presents the gang with his most wonderful creation: the "synthetic soul" shared by the XRN and the DRNs. When the DRNs suddenly began to fail, they were all decommissioned. Nigel's company, Lumacorp, went from the most powerful in the world to a pile of scrap. Nigel claims to have changed nothing when creating the Danica XRN, but he was in a different place: desperate to save his company, and his good name.
Despite having the same "soul," Danica is nothing like Dorian. She even considers killing a mother (Kirsten Robek) and daughter (Bailey Herbert)... that is, until she receives a compliment.
Nigel uses one of the synthetic souls to track Danica, then fashions a big needle that is supposed to shut her down when stabbed in the back of her neck.
Danica uses the eyeball she stole to break into Nigel's old lab and kill more people, and steal 500 processing cores, which can power one android each. She then shoots up a fundraising event full of politicians. The target seems to be Councilman James Hart (Leon Hanson), who had pushed for the DRNs to be decommissioned, causing the downfall of LumaCorp. Kennex jumps out, and stabs her as directed, but it doesn't work.
Danica then proceeds to throw Kennex around like a rag doll.
Dorian does a bit better, but still gets kicked into a pillar, and impaled with some rebar.
Kennex takes another try, getting nearly choked to death, then head-butted. I'll look past the fact that she could have killed him instantly by crushing his neck, mainly because the next part is so cool:
We don't have to worry about Danica anymore: she's now a pile of goo:
Unfortunately, there may be many more Danicas to come. Nigel planned the whole thing. He sent the cyclops to steal Danica's head, then sent Danica to steal the processing cores. Killing James Hart would have simply been a bonus, because Nigel took off with the synthetic souls and processing cores while the cops were trying to kill Danica again.
"The wall" had been mentioned once before in a previous episode, and it is referenced again in this one. Nigel takes his goods, and scales the wall with help from his androids (previous gif). Apparently, he's got to be crazy to go to the other side, but he'll also have a private place to create his android army without interference. In this image, you can see the wall near the top. It's basically the line of demarcation between beautiful shiny buildings and old brown buildings.
Also, these tulips were undoubtedly created to honor the previous effort of J.H. Wyman and J.J. Abrams: Fringe.

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