Thursday, April 30, 2015

Z is for Zen Habits

I already spoke a bit about the Zen Habits book that I backed through Kickstarter when I wrote about "Habits" on H-day. It's the first tool that has ever actually helped me keep to my habits. As I discussed before, my first habit was to do daily pull-ups, with the goal of doing acrobatic tricks on my outdoor chin-up bar at some point, the way I used to when I was younger.

Well, I haven't reached the goal yet, but I'm getting closer. Now that it's warm outside, I can actually use the full outdoor bar instead of my doorway bar to do the chin-ups. And look at that view! Now, that's a true zen habit!

And a few tweets about #ZenHabits:

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  1. Passing through on the A-Z roadtrip. Well done for finishing.