Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Dailies: Eating Bunnies, Watching 'Copper,' Chasing Lines

So today I have my daily nonsense post, an article I've written for Yahoo! TV, and my daily #FMSPhotoADay. I'll start with a bit of nonsense! Today, I actually had Lost on the brain. If you've seen the show (which I just watched for the first time over the last couple of months), you may remember Charlie's band Drive Shaft singing that song "You All Everybody." Well, while I was exercising, that song title transformed into the following post: "Daily Jabberwocky: You Ate Every Bunny!" If you'd like to join the site to write your own posts of 400 characters or more and make money in the process, please use my referral link.

Next, an article I wrote on Monday morning was just published. Yahoo! TV doesn't publish Yahoo! Contributor content on holidays, so it's a day late, since the show was on Sunday. If you watch Copper on BBC America, you may enjoy this recap. If you don't watch the show, you really should start! It's awesome! Here's the article: 'Copper' Episode 'The Fine Ould Irish Gentleman' Recap: Donovan Goes Too Far.

Finally, today's #FMSPhotoADay prompt was: Lines. The first thing I thought of when I read that was the crazy electrical lines in my back yard, which have fallen fairly low to the ground, and are now passing right through the side of one of my trees! While I was out there, I saw a few other "lines" that I couldn't resist shooting.
Electrical lines going through the side of my tree
A little fence in the corner of my yard

The fence around my part of my back yard

Another part of the little fence in the corner
The main fence around my entire back yard


  1. I like the wood fence around the portion of your back yard.

    I've only watched a few episodes of LOST when it was on TV and the thought of 400 characters sounds a lot more enticing than 400 words but after providing content for all sorts of different write-for-money websites over the years, I've pretty much narrowed it down to only the Yahoo stuff because it's just not worth my time to stay on top of all of the place where my work is for the little that they pay. Still, it seems like something that would work for anyone who wouldn't mind dipping their toe into the writing pool for some dough. Nothing beats the green paper, lol.

    Are you going to call your local utility company or town officials about that line in your trees? I hope it doesn't become a nuisance for you and your family.


    1. I only spend about an hour or so on the Bubblews site. The reason I do think it's worth it is because it pays more than any other site on royalties. You get one cent for every single view, like, comment, and share on every post, forever. That's almost 10 times more than some of the Yahoo! sites, and five times more than the Voices site at level 10. And Yahoo! doesn't even pay for anything other than views.

      The electric company was actually just out here, and made the problem worse. They not only caused the lines to drop further, but installed something that made one of our outlets cause our surge protector strips to fry on a regular basis.

  2. Beautiful photos, I like wooden walls. In our country people using hollow bricks to build walls.