Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Missing Eye and Vintage Chinese: Day 18

My first order of business was to complete my recap of the Suits Summer finale. I'm very happy to see that everyone is on the right side, except for perhaps what happened in the cliffhanger. If you missed it, the recap is here: "'Suits' Summer Finale Recap: Who Will 'Stay' at Pearson Specter?"

The next thing I finished was my daily nonsense post. It basically takes "punking" to the extreme: "Daily Jabberwocky: The Punk'd Man with Monocular Vision." If you'd like to join the site to write your own posts of 400 characters or more and make a cent on every view, like, comment and share in the process, please try it out by signing up using my referral link.

Today's #FMSPhotoADay prompt for Day 18 (Sep. 18) is "Vintage." My mother has a 100 year-old vintage Chinese man. You would think that my mother was Chinese, as she has always decorated her home with a bit of a Chinese flair. Even when she decorates in another style, there's always a Chinese tinge or feel to the design.

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  1. chinese stuff do adorn the homes. THis one is so cute. I have the red lamps and the dragon bells