Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Day 11 TV, Nonsense and Photo: 'Suits,' Short Aliens and Cute Kitty

First thing this morning, my Suits recap was published on Yahoo! TV. It was another great episode, leading up to the Season 3 finale next week.If you haven't checked it out, you can catch it on Amazon, and a few other outlets as well. Here it is: "'Suits' Episode Recap: Harvey and Jessica Act in 'Bad Faith'."

Next, I created my morning nonsense post. This time, I had aliens on the brain (as is common for me). In yet another sci-fi bit of nonsense, I write about short, fat aliens from the planet Sparta: "Daily Jabberwocky: The Short Blue Aliens of the Planet Sparta." If you'd like to join the site to write your own posts of 400 characters or more and make a cent on every view, like, comment and share in the process, please use my referral link.

The prompt for #FMSPhotoADay Day 11 is "What You Did Today." For 9/11, I wanted to spend the day with loved ones. I'm here with my parents, and my brother is visiting as well. I'm not really into posting photos of my family for privacy, but I also have pets as part of my family. So, to start the morning off right, I cuddled with my kitty loved one (yes, another excuse for cute kitty photos)! Here's Miss Kitty at her cuddling best:

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