Monday, September 2, 2013

Daily Nonesense and Photo: Alien Slugs and Ks

My "Daily Jabberwocky" today was all about alien slugs: "Daily Jabberwocky: The Dragon Eats the Pink Alien Slug that Ate the Man's Heart." Please consider joining me on Bubblews by clicking my referral link, then post your profile in the comments so we can connect on the site!

And today's #FMSPhotoADay photo prompt gave me yet another excuse to put up a kitty photo! YAY! Today's prompt is: "My name begins with..." Well, what's the cutest way to represent the letter K than with a kute kitty? So, here's Miss Kitty herself, in all her lazy glory:
She's even trying to give you a "K" sign, but she's just a bit too lazy to stick that other paw out. :)


  1. Loving today's Jabberwocky!

    And such a cute kitty : )