Friday, September 6, 2013

Triple-Header: Back from a Break

So, I was off the Internet for a couple of days because I was working on the house. We had all the windows on the front of the house replace with double-paned glass. The old windows were the originals were from 1974, when the house was built. They were horrible! The house already feels cooler with the new windows. It's really lucky they were finished yesterday because today was extremely hot. We would have been miserable had the windows not been replaced.

In that time, I also took off from doing my daily nonsense post. I did do it today, however, so I do have one bit of nonsense for you. It's just not as nonsensical as my usual nonsense posts. Here it is: "Daily Jabberwocky: Back From Bubblews Break with a Fan." It has all the humor of a baked potato, but at least there's a teeny bit of randomness there. If you'd like to join the site to write your own posts of 400 characters or more and make a cent on every view, like, comment and share in the process, please use my referral link.

One of my articles also published in the morning two days ago for Yahoo! TV. My weekly Suits article is a recap of one of my favorite shows this week. Man, I love Donna and Harvey and Louis! Those characters are truly unique, and live up to USA Network's motto of "Characters Welcome." Mike does too, but his individuality comes from an interesting talent more than his outward personality. Here is my article: "'Suits' Episode 'Endgame' Recap: Will Stephen Get What He Deserves?"

As for #FMSPhotoADay, I'm going to make up for the two days I missed plus today all in this one post. The day 4 prompt is "Alone," day 5 was "Here Forever" and today (day 6) is "Getting Ready." My descriptions for each photo are in the captions.
"Alone": This is actually an old photo, from about six months ago.
This is Teensy when she was a very small kitten.
I used this photo, because it's the first one I always think of when I think of "alone."
She has always been the least tame, yet always seems to want to be involved.
She constantly sits on the outskirts of any activity I do with the other kitties,
and stares at us longingly. She seems to want to be involved, but she's just too scared.
"Here Forever": This tree has been "here forever,"
or at least since the time we bought the house, in 1984.
I'm not sure when it was actually planted,
but it's old enough for me to think of it as forever.

"Getting Ready": Furball gets ready for the day with a nice
grooming from mama Miss Kitty.
He'll soon be ready for a night out on the town!


  1. Caaaaaats! :D

    We never had pets here (none of us fancied the responsibility of looking after one) but recently, somebody abandoned a young cat in our compound. Now it refuses to leave, sneaking into our house whenever we leave the front door open, rubbing against our legs. We decided to keep it as our unofficial pet, putting out a comfy cardboard box for it to sleep in and feeding it fish.

    My sister calls it Minerva :D

  2. I love cat pics. Teensy is adorable!

    You must be relieved that your new double glazing is fitted.

    I hope you're having a good weekend : )