Monday, September 16, 2013

You'll Be All Ears When I Talk about My Frame: Day 16

My Copper recap for Sunday's episode was published this morning. The episode felt strangely like a finale until the very end. It was an awesome episode, but they almost could have ended it without the little cliffhanger ending, and we would have been happy until next year. But no, they had to add something that will surely cover more than just one episode. That means we will probably have another cliffhanger in the finale. If you missed it, here's my recap: "'Copper' Episode Recap: Kevin Corcoran is a 'Beautiful Dreamer'."

Today's nonsense post is all about YOU, and you are a creature with apparently large ears who listens when you aren't supposed to, but doesn't listen when you are supposed to. Don't worry, it's just another bit of jibber jabber! Here ya go: "Daily Jabberwocky: The Eustachian Tube Gave Up Your Lax Ways." If you'd like to join the site to write your own posts of 400 characters or more and make a cent on every view, like, comment and share in the process, please try it out by signing up using my referral link.

The #FMSPhotoADay prompt for today is "Frame." I decided to take a photo of our brand new windows, with their new frames. The windows are tinted so that they reflect light durning the day, and you can't see inside. At night, we will be closing the blinds. We are using sheets until the new blinds come in. We are replacing the horizontals with verticals so we no longer have to spend our lives dusting.

Anyway, I had to take the photos at an extreme angle to avoid getting a shot that appeared as though it was a mere photo of the house across the street. Both photos are of the window and its frame. That's right, you are looking at a reflection of my car and some trees. I took second photo from another angle to give you a better idea of what you are looking at:

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