Sunday, January 26, 2014

'Grimm' GifTweetCap: Meet the Specist Parents

The following gifs are also available on Tumblr. "The Wild Hunt" contained the usual Grimm style of monster-of-the-week main plot, along with three sub-plots. Fortunately, one of the sub-plots is all about Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) and Rosalee (Bree Turner). That is the only storyline that really matters, so about half of the recap will focus on them. Quick note about the tweets: I try not to include tweets from the cast or crew, unless it is as the parent of a fan tweet. The main exception is Michael Golamco, a staff writer for the series. He creates some of the most hilarious tweets, so I just can't help interspersing them throughout the recaps!

The episode opens with a high speed chase. When the chase is over, bad guy Woden (Matt Lasky), tells the highway patrolman (Jose Vasquez) that he's not worthy, then scalps him. It's a bit too disgusting for a gif, especially since the cop was on the force for two years and had a wife and two kids. Just keep reminding yourself that it's just a TV show. Oh, and all of this happens in conjunction with a big proposal from Monroe (which I cover farther down in the piece).
You can tell that the scalper is a badass dude because of the way he drives his car.
Later, Woden sneaks up on military guy Lee Mull (Gene Freedman), who isn't so easy to take down. After Mull beats him up, he decides Mull is worthy... then he woges and scalps Mull too. Hey, why don't you just pick on worthy Wesen who can fight back, ya coward?
You may be wondering what he'll be doing with all of those scalps. Well, the first step is to clean them. He makes quite a mess of his motel bathroom, which also creates a nice stench for the other guests. The wimpy manager asks him to stop after a few complaints, but is easily intimidated by the big gruff Woden.
When he's finished cleaning his scalps, he beats the crap out of the manager to get him to give him his car.
After some research in the trailer, Nick (David Giuntoli) learns that Woden is a Wildesheer. Wildesheers believe that taking scalps gives them the power of the warriors whom they scalp. Yeah, and then he makes a coat out of them so he can wear the tops of their heads around town. He must smell fantastic! Just imagine the lovely aroma wafting off him everywhere he goes. Oh, and his next intended victim is Nick!
Meanwhile, Adalind (Claire Coffee) is beginning to show in more ways than one when her Hexen-fetus begins poking its devil hands against her belly from the inside. What a wonderful time for mother and baby. Perhaps she should grab her camera phone for this special moment.
Later, the Biest-baby decides to create an even more special moment for his Hexenbiest mama by showing its little face, which promptly turns a bit... erm... skeletal. Mama must be so proud.
On to the third and most important sub-plot of the episode. As I mentioned earlier, Monroe proposes. He takes Rosalee out for a fancy dinner, in which they talk about their "first time." Rosalee's first time was with her brother, and Monroe's with his mom. Huh? Oh yeah, they were talking about their first woge. Gotcha!
Monroe then brings Rosalee home nice and buzzed. When she's ready to get comfy and crawl into bed, he proposes marriage in the one way he knows best: via cuckoo clock.
After a bit of confusion, she says yes!
They apparently seal the deal in bed, and are just oh-so-happy. The moment gives one the same feeling as being surrounded by fluffy kittens and puppies. They can now live happily ever after.
Not so fast! Monroe decides to tell his parents about the engagement. Of course, they decide to fly out and stay with the happy couple, and meet their soon-to-be daughter-in-law. One problem: Monroe had not told them anything about Monroe's very modern Wesen lifestyle. They don't know Rosalee is a Fuchsbau, that they live together, or that his best friend is a Grimm. Unfortunately, they are also incredibly racist (or would that be considered specist?).
The first Monroe's mom (Dee Wallace Stone) and dad (Chris Mulkey) learn of Rosalee's foxy-ness comes when they give her a nice big hug.
After a big fight in which Rosalee storms out, deciding she needs some time and space, Monroe basically tells his parents he wants nothing to do with them unless they can learn to accept his decision to marry Rosalee. With his impeccable timing, Nick shows up right then to talk about the case. Monroe tries to kick his parents out, but of course they woge in anger before leaving. And we all know what happens when Wesen woge in front of Nick: they see that he's a Grimm! Being the final episode for a whole month, the creators leave us with a message on this cliffhanger:
So, we will have to wait to see what happens with Monroe's parents, and whether Nick will get to keep his scalp. In addition, Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) has been corresponding with Nick's mother, who may also be visiting soon. Is now a good time to mention that her email username is "bheadr"? Let's just hope she doesn't use that skill on Monroe or his parents!


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