Monday, November 4, 2013

'Grimm' in Motion: Nick Gets a Bad Case of 'PTZD'

GRIMM -- "PTZD" Episode 302
Pictured: David Giuntoli as Nick Burkhardt
Photo by: Scott Green/NBC
Airdate: Friday, November 1 on NBC (9-10 p.m. ET)
© NBC Universal, Inc. (used with permission)
Quick Note: Yahoo! TV gave me a new assignment to write some Grimm gif-caps (as in, recaps with animated gifs). My first gif-cap, for the premiere episode of Season 3, can be found here. I thoroughly enjoyed writing it, and was very happy to learn that they wanted another one for the second episode.

Unfortunately, they were unable to post it due to a tech glitch. Amazingly, they gave me permission to post it on my own site! The reason this is so amazing is because it was a work for hire piece. So, they own the rights, but are giving me permission to post it anyway because of all the hard work I put into it on Friday night, creating all the gifs and gathering the awesome tweets. YAY! Please enjoy!

Last week on Grimm, zombie-Nick was just about to unleash some fury on a family with young children. This week, on episode "PTZD" (Post-Traumatic Zombie Disorder, ha!), Nick's friends are getting closer to finding him and administering the cure.

The family quickly realizes that a maniac is hunting them, and run upstairs to where the father has hidden a gun. They barricade the door, but it's no match for Nick's Grimmed-out strength. Monroe and Hank finally find him, but his super-senses allow him to stop everything they throw at him. This will have to be hand-to-hand combat!
Monroe and Hank lure Nick out to the family's barn, and trap him using the cartoon-classic faulty floor trick.

Capt. Renard, Juliette, and Rosalee show up to help, but Renard and Monroe are forced to woge into Wesen form if they're to have any chance at stopping Nick. Nick ends up smacking Juliette (uh-oh!), but Rosalee plunges the cure into his stomach when he's distracted. Nick won't be cured so easily, however: he requires a second shot.

Nick finally wakes from zombie-dom, aching and completely baffled. Later in bed, Nick becomes cold and white. Juliette tries to revive him by slapping him a couple of times, before resorting to calling 911. He revives on his own, feeling fine other than the nasty sting from those slaps. Will this be an ongoing problem?
Initially, everyone believes that Nick only fought with and scared a few people, but it turns out someone had died from wounds inflicted during the bar fight. The entire gang decides to keep the death a secret from Nick while he recovers. Renard hides a surveillance tape from the bar, hoping nobody will discover the truth. Renard also sees to it that the person responsible for this entire mess, his brother Eric, is killed in an "accident."

Nick eventually finds out that someone died, and insists on turning himself in. Everyone attempts to talk him out of it, and Renard shows him the surveillance tape, hoping he'll realize that he was not himself. It works; Nick decides to maintain the secret.
Meanwhile, Adalind still has a few more grotesque steps to take in her quest to regain her Hexenbiest powers. The first step is to take the dead flowers gathered from the poppy field in the previous episode and put them in the body of her fellow Hexenbiest, Frau.
The next step is to sew Frau's body shut, then cut the nasty string with her teeth.
Later, Stefania cuts Frau's body open once again, and orders Adalind to put some of Frau's disgusting blood in a large jar for take-out. Luckily, Adalind doesn't have to eat the stuff; she only has to rub it on her belly, because it's oh-so-good for the skin (and the fetus).

Here, I am editing the original article to add that I did not include a gif for that last paragraph because the graphics were lame. She rubs on "blood" that looks like raspberry jelly, and it turns into a jelly-skull. I will, however, add another funny tweet (I actually went right up to the word limit on the original article because of all the great tweets I just had to include):


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