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'Elementary' in Motion: Mycroft is Back!!

"The Marchioness" -- ELEMENTARY on CBS
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Thurs. Nov. 7 (10:01 – 11:00 PM, ET/PT)
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"The Marchioness" may be the most awkward episode of Elementary to date. Awkward in a good way, that is. Hilariously awkward, in fact.

The episode begins with Sherlock sharing some of his deep thoughts with his addict group. In the middle of a thought, Sherlock's brother Mycroft shows his face.

This sends Sherlock into a bit of a rage out in the hall, with Sherlock exclaiming that he wouldn't have shared anything at all had he known Mycroft was there. After a bit of arguing between the two brothers, Watson decides to welcome Mycroft with an extremely awkward "hug."

Turns out Mycroft is visiting from England to enlist Sherlock's help with his "friend," Nigella Mason. Nigella is actually Mycroft's former fiancée, with whom Sherlock "engaged in several bouts of vigorous sex" right before his brother had a chance to seal the deal with her. Hence, the tremendously awkward un-welcome kiss.

Sherlock can't stand Nigella after she betrayed his brother (with him), and prefers to call her a trollop. She's also a "horse pimp," as Sherlock puts it, selling the sperm of her horse Silver Blaze.

The case involves the murder of a man named Dalton who was handling Silver Blaze's medications. The culprit was also apparently attempting to kill Silver Blaze before Dalton walked in on him. Sherlock finds his first clue at the farm in the form of fingerprints on a nearby tree branch, indicating that the killer is missing a finger. And he looks so pleased with himself!

Sherlock feels vindicated when he realizes that a man named Aguilar is attempting to kill Nigella because she has been selling him sperm from Silver Blaze's brother. Silver Blaze died long ago, and she simply saved hair and blood before disposing of the body in order to fake the tests.

Sherlock's focused work on the case prevents him from thinking about anything else, even eating. Mycroft had to remind Sherlock, like a child, that his food is getting cold. Sherlock hastily grabs a bite, unnerving Watson and Mycroft.

It turns out that Aguilar used a contract killer named El Mecanico, a mass murderer who has been wanted for decades. The only witness to the murder appears to have the same missing finger as the prints obtained from the tree branch, but his prints don't match. They do match a liquor store robber who was murdered and buried under a tree. The man had killed the robber and buried him under a tree, leaving some of his DNA. The DNA belongs to El Mecanico. So, the "witness" is actually the killer!

Meanwhile, Sherlock also deduces something almost as disturbing: Watson slept with Mycroft! This leads to a few additional awkward moments and inappropriate questions from Sherlock. He even pokes Watson's bed with a stick before conversing with her to ensure that Mycroft isn't in there!

Nigella continues to worm her way between Mycroft's and Sherlock's relationship, but they finally send her off so they can spend some quality, albeit awkward, bro time together.

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