Saturday, November 16, 2013

'Elementary' in Ani-gifs: 'Blood is Thicker,' but What's up with Mycroft?

Mycroft (Rhys Ifans) sticks around for "Blood is Thicker," his second episode in a row for "Elementary." He finally gets to spend some time with Sherlock! Well, maybe that's not such a good thing.

The episode begins with a sparring match. Mycroft is fencing with Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) on the rooftop with an egg on his head. The loser is Mycroft, when his egg is broken. Good thing it's not a middle school exercise to protect an egg-baby!

Sherlock's and Watson's (Lucy Liu) first case of the episode begins when a kid hears something going on in a delivery van. The delivery guy shrugs it off, and winds up driving through town with a dead girl on his roof.

When Sherlock is finally called in, he is able to determine where the girl fell based on the location of the paint chips she knocked off the ceiling and onto the packages. Watson notices that a tree is missing off one of the balconies on the building, and they use that to determine from what room the girl fell.
Sherlock deduces that the dead girl was a "kept woman," but she is actually Haley (Kersti Bryan), the daughter of the rich owner of the building, Ian Gale (William Sadler), who is dying. He has a rare blood type, and needed a blood transfusion from her.
Some fans had a few additional things to say about the actor who plays Ian Gale.
...and, Mr. Gale also has a spectacular view from his hotel.
Watson offers to go to the morgue alone to study Haley's body so Sherlock can send some quality time with his brother at dinner. Sherlock tries to get out of it, going so far as to say that eating is a waste of his time, but Watson has already bought her vending-machine dinner.

It turns out that Haley would have died from her stab wound whether or not she had fallen off the balcony, which means the fall was a mistake. Her boyfriend Ray (Kieran Campion) says that Haley had been seriously ill with the flu for the last two weeks, but Christian Suarez (Elliot Villar)the lab tech who took her blood for her father, said she was fine. 

Ian Gale dies, and Sherlock soon realizes that he was murdered by his wife, Natalie (Margaret Colin). Natalie used Haley (her step-daughter) as a human incubator to create a custom toxin for her husband so it would appear that his body was rejecting his heart transplant. Christian confesses to taking a million dollars to do the job, while the wife would inherit $15 million.
Meanwhile, Sherlock finally shows up for dinner at Mycroft's restaurant after repeatedly standing him up. In order to be honest with his brother, Sherlock must label the dinner as "exquisite."
After the dinner, Mycroft makes the symbolic gesture of handing over the keys to 221B in London, just as Sherlock appears to be losing interest in their conversation. Mycroft then informs him that their father wants Sherlock to move back to London, or forfeit his financial help.

Sherlock asks Watson to come with him to London, but confesses that he doesn't really want to leave, because New York, and the people he has met there, have kept him on track with his recovery from drug addiction. Watson puts it much more simply: "screw him" (referring to his father). They can make it on their own, as long as they begin taking on paying jobs, once again.
The father is not the culprit, however. Sherlock has a nice moment with his brother, wherein he tells Mycroft that he has decided to stay in New York, and gives him a letter to pass to their father. When Mycroft is alone, he tears up the letter, then carries on a nefarious-sounding conversation with someone at a +44 country code (which is in the Isle of Man, U.K.). He says that the plan didn't work, mentions his father, and refers to Sherlock and Watson as "they," indicating that he is speaking with someone who probably shouldn't know about their personal business. Something is afoot!



  1. I tried watching this show but It just didn't keep my attention enough to keep watching. Great post though.

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  2. Another show I haven't seen, but nicely done!

  3. I love this show so much. Awesome post.

  4. I love this show so much. Awesome post.