Sunday, November 17, 2013

'Grimm' in Ani-gifs and Tweets: Mermen DBag Fundamentalists on the Loose!

The Grimm episode "One Night Stand" finally introduces some friendly mermaids to the Grimm universe! Unfortunately, their mermen counterparts aren't so nice.
The episode begins with a group of two sisters with two boys, singing horribly and playing guitar badly. It's all in good fun until they decide to take a skinny dip and pair off for some two-second sex consisting of a couple of heavy breaths and hugging in the water. You wouldn't know that was what happened until one of them, a guy named Jake, says, "That was incredible!" Also, he confirms it later in the episode, just in case anyone missed it (which was easy to do).

While having subtle fun in the lake, the other guy, named Dan, is pulled under the water by a creature. Anna, his female companion, swims away as he's pulled to his death, simply warning the others to get out of the water. Jake, on the other hand, swims toward Dan in an attempt to save him, as Anna and her sister Sarah, Jake's companion, swim away. 

Jake is also pulled under, but the girls' third sister, a deaf "mermaid" named Elly, pulls him to safety and performs CPR. She appears to have taken a liking to him, as she had been spying on him and looking through photos on his phone. 

The gang is called on the case to figure out who killed Dan, and Nick spots Elly woge and swim away quickly. It turns out that all of the sisters are Naiads, which are water nymph Wesen. Let's just call them mer-people for the fun of it!
Hank and Nick bring Jake along to a boat house, where Wu has tracked Jake's stolen phone. Jake spots Anna and Sarah, but they pretend not to know him. What a burn!
The girls are brought to the station for questioning, but they are entirely uncooperative. Nick threatens to leave them in a jail cell until they dry out and die (as his books in Aunt Marie's trailer indicated they would if left outside the water for too long), but they refuse to talk until their father confesses to the crime in order to protect his daughters. Sarah finally agrees to talk, but they'd better hurry with their story before they become dried out fish sticks!

Sarah explains that two other boys who had moved in from Alaska were responsible for killing Dan. They are your typical redneck mermen fundamentalists, who believe in the old ways. Those old ways involve prearranged marriage (with Anna and Sarah, in their case), and the murder of the men with whom their women decide to have children. All mermen are sterile, you see, which makes them wildly jealous of the men who will donate the sperm that will produce the children they will have to raise.
Elly still has a crush on Jake, and decides to put on a little show for him by showing her true self and swimming incredibly fast around his pool. Hopefully mermaids aren't sensitive to chlorine!

But then the mermen arrive and hit Jake over the head. They take Elly out to be "cut," which involves holding her head under water until she turns to her Naiad form so they can cut the webbing between her fingers and toes. Ouch! Rather than allow them to do that, she kicks them in some choice spots. 

That's not enough to stop them, however. When the cops show up, one of the mermen knocks her out and drops anchor on her tied-up feet until she's pulled far underwater. 

Nick jumps in and saves her using his Grimm-zombie power, and they arrest the mer-culprits. And Hank is now in on Nick's weird zombie moments. Nick is underwater for a very long time when saving Elly, and takes on that nice shade of bluish-white dead-face.
Meanwhile, Rosalee is moving in with Monroe, but they've got way too much combined stuff. Monroe begins by suggesting he get rid of a few of his own things, but winds up giving a little speech about a paperweight, which leads to some clock-talk.
Later, Monroe finds a little statue that looks like a chia-bunny on a stick. He decides that it deserves "a place of honor," after Rosalee tells him it was from Holland and belonged to her grandmother. She realizes that Monroe is trying way too hard to make things work, and calms him down by saying part of what sounds like a Barney the dinosaur song ("I love you, you love me").

At the end of the episode, Juliette reads an email message for Nick talking about Grimm-business. It closes with "I love you," and is signed, "M." Juliette seems nervous, wondering who "M" could be.


  1. Another great Grimm gif-cap. I was only able to watch the first 10 minutes and love reading your (very funny) highlights!

  2. Not familiar with the series; don't get the significance. Life is tough when you're a Bear.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!